VYST & RXAIR in 2020

As we prepare to head into the year 2020, I am digging more into the overall infrastructure and product offerings of VYST. VYST, in my opinion, is a great penny stock to own heading into the coming year. It’s definitely been battered this year after reaching $0.15 earlier in 2019, but the POTENTIAL is there for this to move in a profitable direction. I will be in and out of many penny stocks this year, but VYST is my pet project. It would be very cool to see this actually go from a penny stock up to the NASDAQ. The profits I would reap would be excellent, but the adventure of getting there will be part of the fun!

VYST Search Trends on Google for the past 12 Months:

RXAIR — Air Purifier

The RXAIR purifier is not an air filter. Instead of trapping germs, viruses, pathogens, etc in a filter, the RXAIR purifier KILLS the deadly entities! Below is simple description of how the purifier operates to clean your air.

The RxAir draws air in through a killing chamber cartridge, where baffles provide the turbulence necessary to bring pathogens in close proximity to the special UV-C lamps, allowing the germicidal UV-C to kill any pathogens present.

So, why do I, a VYST stockholder, care about RXAIR and its line of air purifiers? Well, since you asked, in approx May of 2018, Vystar acquired the assets of the original company, “UV Flu Technologies”. A nice addition to the VYSTAR / VYST family of products. Between the VYST latex-allergy-free gloves and these air purifiers, VYST has a great opportunity to take advantage of customers in hospitals across the US and the world.

VYST and RXAIR in Hospitals

According to the RXAIR website, they are currently in use at approx 400 hospitals. According to my non-exhaustive research, there are roughly 6,000 registered hospitals in America. That means that RXAIR is in less than 7% of the hospitals in America. ( Even less worldwide…obviously! ) If this RXAIR device can really purify the air in a particular space and NOT ever need a filter replacement, wouldn’t this be essential in areas of hospitals where patients with vulnerable immune systems are kept for treatment? Let’s work on EVERY HOSPITAL IN AMERICA!

Can’t we get Vystar/VYST to start giving combo deals on these special gloves along with the RXAIR devices? It would be exciting to see VYST get their products in more and more hospitals across the country and across the world. Do these things kill EBOLA? Get an Ebola patient quarantined and crank this baby up and maybe stop an outbreak before it catches fire. Yes, I know Ebola is an extreme example, but my knowledge of infectious disease is all from this:

RXAIR Dividend Spin Off

So, after all that, I have to tell you that VYST is planning to spinoff RXAIR into its own publicly traded entity. So, if Vystar is spinning off, RXAIR, why do I care about RXAIR sales in relation to my finances and my interest in VYST?

  • Vystar plans to award 39.1% of the RxAir shares as a pro-rata dividend to Vystar shareholders as of the designated record date.
  • Retain 9.99% of RxAir shares for Vystar Corporation

I won’t lie, I really don’t know exactly what that all means. But, loosely translated “TO ME” it means, SELL THOSE RXAIR UNITS SO WE CAN GET PAID! Even though they are spinning RXAIR off to its own entity, I, as a VYST shareholder, will still benefit from all RXAIR positive progress!

If all goes according to plan, RXAIR will spinoff:

as a separate, independent, publicly traded company.  Vystar desires to set record and ex-dividend dates shortly, complete the spin-off and commence trading of RxAir in the first part of 2020. 

VYST / RXAIR Outlook

I am no financial wizard and I know nothing about gloves, air purifiers, mattresses, etc…but I know an organization that has INFRASTRUCTURE, shipping, leadership, quality products, and history of business acumen. VYST is, in my opinion, a great penny stock to hold and see where it goes. There is no hype surrounding this ticker, but there are good “brick and mortar” fundamentals. I have made money on penny stocks that have nothing but a PO BOX, a mystery CEO, and a dream. Most of them are gone now because there was no substance. VYST is an actual company with tangible products, and I like the general direction and ideas I am seeing from limited communications. I think Greg Rotman could do a much better job of relaying information, but at the end of the day developing and moving product will be how we get paid!! ( Although I am not AGAINST some hype and some press! )

It is possible that I am as wrong about VYST as Rachel Maddow is about this Russia conspiracy, but I *FEEL* like this is a quality investment, with solid products and motivated management. Insiders still have NOT sold a share. When people say they have gotten rich by pumping the stock, I am unsure how, if they haven’t sold. Are they buying shares another way and dumping those, but holding their “insider” shares? That’s a question for another day! I am going to make my other plays, but I am HOLDING my VYST and may accumulate a bit more.

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