Potential VYST Investors

Investment Bankers, Partners, and Movie Stars

Jed Clampett VYST - Vystar Corporation

Jed Clampett – Oil Billionaire

When not training possums to synchronize swim in the cement pond, ole Jed sits in on meetings about where to invest his oil fortune. When he learned that Vytex couldn’t be melted down to use as cookin’ oil for cracklins, he politely asked both Rotmans to vacate the premises! STRIKE ONE on VYST investment partner!

Blathering BlatherVYST

Scrooge McDuck - VYST

When not battling Flintheart Glomgold for the title of World’s Richest Duck, Uncle Scrooge, as I call him, is looking to invest in numerous small companies with competent management and great potential. Although VYST has great potential, the lack of competent managerial direction has led Mr. McDuck to withhold any capital investment into Vystar Corp.

Uncle Phil meets Greg Rotman

Uncle Phil VYST
That look when Greg Rotman explains the communications strategy and then
when Greg finally asks for a 2.5 Million dollar investment.



Thurston Howell III - VYST
Thurston Howell III

Little known fact…the SS Minnow was NOT “stranded” on an uncharted desert isle. It was an elaborate ruse allowing Thurston Howell III to avoid an uncomfortable meeting with Greg Rotman about the investment he had promised; contingent upon completion of the VYSTAR/ROTMANS merger. As the stock price tanked, Mr. Howell realized he was a billionaire bag holder!

Them Dadgum Rotman Boys

Boss Hogg - VYST
You want my fried chicken *AND* my money?

When Boss Hogg discovered that VYTEX wasn’t the latest, most powerful moonshine in all of Hazzard County, he quickly ended the investment pitch meeting with Greg Rotman to attend to more urgent, LuLu related matters. He did mention that Greg’s communication skills and managerial savvy made Roscoe P. Coltrane appear to be an intellectual giant!

Who Shot JR?

JR Ewing - VYST
JR using his thumb to tell Greg to get lost…

Who shot JR? He shot HIMSELF in order to avoid the Vystar pitch meeting with Greg Rotman!! Unlike Greg, JR does NOT like to waste his daddy’s money!!

Tea Time, Master Rotman

Richie Rich
Richie Rich

Richie’s butler, Cadbury, is very protective of Master Richie. Therefore, Greg wasn’t able to secure a meeting at Rich Manor to try and get a cash infusion for VYSTAR from the Rich Family Fortune!

Wrong Lesson, Greg

Gordon Gekko - VYST

Instead of investing, Mr. Gekko gave Greg advice on how to pump the stock and sell off the company and then short sell on the way down. Being a man of honor, Greg got the h*ll outta there. Still, no investor for the VYST expansion plan!

Quick, To the BatMobile to Get the Hell Outta Here!

Bruce Wayne - VYST

The Batman persona was a complete fabrication just to avoid ever being seen by Greg Rotman. Greg traveled to Gotham hoping to have an investment meeting at stately Wayne Manor. But alas, Mr. Wayne was nowhere to be seen the entire visit. Out of hope and down to one potential investor, Greg hit the road….

Let’s Have a Drink!

Arthur -VYST

After much trial and tribulation, Greg was able to secure millions in capital to help finance the next phase in VYST Maturation. All it took was a piss-drunk billionaire with no regard for health, money, or people. Get that money and be great, Greg!!


I am just messing with Greg Rotman! I am sure he’s doing a great job securing financing and partners for the post-merger phase of Vystar. I look forward to hearing something…..ANYTHING….very soon!! It’s been over a month since the last contact and I am going to assume that deals are in the works and that the company values secrecy in the pursuit of massive profits! God Speed, Greg!!

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