Penny Stock Emotions VYST/SBES

Breaking The Rules

I know…I know….you are NOT supposed to let emotions get involved with trading. But, I disagree with that premise to a point. Why can’t I EMBRACE the emotions, but not let them dictate my entry/exit points? Here’s my (short ) tale of two stocks!

VYST – zzzzzzzz

My emotions towards VYST right now are basically zilch. I believe in it 100%!! There is no doubt that I will be excited about this again ASAP when financials are released and cool stuff starts happening. But, I have been accumulating this baby for 9 months now! I am NOT reluctant to sell because I am IN LOVE with VYST, I just BELIEVE in it. On the flip side, I am bored as f*** waiting for something to happen. I will remain patient with this one, but I need some action on the side!


So, the opposite of VYST this week was SBES. It’s a stock that cost .0015 per share. I bought approx a MILLION SHARES of this baby!! ( How cool is that to buy a million shares of something?) In regards to emotions, it was FUN to watch the action and read the excited tweets of my fellow SBES investors.

The folks who have been in since .0003 or so, how cool for them to be successful and exciting for me to participate in their good fortune! I was thinking of selling at .002 and getting some $$$ for more $VYST! But, I just said, let’s ride this excitement train a bit more. SO, I am holding my approx 1 million shares over the weekend and will see how it plays out next week.

What’s the point?

I just wanted to write this for my future self. I fully believe in VYST and will continue to hold and accumulate. But, right now, it is BORING! If I am going to dabble in penny stocks as a hobby, I am going to make it FUN and EXCITING as well! So, I am going to continue to invest in SBES and GRNF and TTCM and anything else that I think will move up and provide some excitement!

So Emotional
I get so emotional, VYST and SBES, every time I think of you!

It was *FUN* on Friday to be part of a little community watching a stock go up and people make $$$! We are talking, if my math is correct, a price movement of 4 millionths of a cent….and it was AWESOME!!!

Wrap up

I am not going to let emotion allow me to make stupid decisions. BUT, I will EMBRACE the emotions from making money, seeing others profit, or enjoying the ride of an active stock.

I think VYST is like Mt St Helens and I am willing to wait for the eruption. But, I also like some Old Faithful in my life, giving me a little boost of excitement. Life is too short to just wait around BORED hoping for the best, when you could easily enjoy some fun and excitement waiting on the payoff from your long plays!

It ain’t a lot, but it’s mine! Good Luck To All!!

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