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I have been preparing pulled pork on my smoker for many years and I share tips and instructions with various people as I gain experience.  I realized the same questions were being asked so I wrote down my method in an Amazon ebook.  The pictures below are a visual checklist to accompany the ebook.

I always encourage people to stop procrastinating and if there is something they want to create then buckle down and make it happen ASAP!  So, I took my own advice and hammered out a brief ebook on my method of preparing pulled pork.

OK…here are the pictures!

Buying the essentials!


Remove the meat from the plastic and rinse it off in the sink. Then, put it in an aluminum pan for seasoning.


Olive oil, yellow mustard, salt, and pepper…


……and then the rub!


The wood I use to power my smoker.


A little of this on your grates can save you some scraping when you begin to cook again.


My smoker…a home made device I bought from a guy off of Craigslist.


Once the smoker reaches 225 degrees, the meat goes on!


About two hours into the smoke…


Comically large spatula….but very useful when getting your butts out of the smoker.


After 8 hours….it’s ready to be wrapped in foil. That’s not burnt….it’s called “the bark”.  Enjoy!




After 10.5 to 11 hours, remove from the smoker and wrap in old towels. Leave on the counter top until you are ready to shred.


In the pan ready to shred…


If the bone can be removed nice and clean, you have yourself a good product so far!


While shredding, remove the fat as much as possible. You should have a moist and delicious pan of shredded pork!


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Thanks for reading!  I have followed my method hundreds of times and the results are always delicious!!









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