Yusha Thomas – Hilarious Army Videos

This is a short post about something I recently saw on Facebook and was immediately hooked.

I love when something is CREATED and then shared and marketed. Yusha Thomas, has created an online persona that is hilarious, accurate, marketable, and……has a *HUGE* audience…..that audience being ANYONE WHO HAS EVER BEEN IN THE US ARMY! ( Obviously, others can enjoy these videos and get a great laugh, but if you went through it, it’s probably a lot more hilarious to you! )

Click below to watch a few of the Drill Sergeant Backbone videos. You will not be disappointed!



It’s pretty cool to me that this young man has invented a character, created some entertaining/hilarious videos, and through the enthusiasm of his audience, has monetized his work via various merchandise offerings.


DS Backbone (Click to Purchase)
DS Backbone (Click to Purchase)


Enjoy the videos and support this guy’s creativity! Creating content that is this “viral” is pretty cool and we are very excited for Yusha!




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