You want it? WRITE IT DOWN!

I used to get so tired of hearing everyone say if you want to accomplish something, you have GOT to write it down!  I didn’t want to write anything down, I just wanted to accomplish the goal that I had in my mind at that time.  The problem was, once I went to sleep and woke up or was distracted by anything else at all, the desire to accomplish that goal, if I even remembered what it was, had completely evaporated.

So one day, I get tired of never following up on the things I want to do and I give the “write it down” idea a chance.  And what do you know…. IT WORKS LIKE A CHAMP!  Once I started writing down the goals I wanted to attain and the ideas I had floating around in my head, I began to accomplish the things I always wanted to do with my life.

Moleskin Pocket Sized Notebook
A pocket sized Moleskin notebook and a pen are all you need to start realizing your goals and dreams.

There are entire books dedicated to the concept of writing down your ideas or goals to help you achieve  what you want. My advice to you is to order a notebook NOW or go buy one from your local Wal-Mart or Staples or other office supply store.  And, when I say NOW, I mean RIGHT NOW….STOP READING THIS…get yourself a notebook and a pen and write down your goals and ideas.  (But come back and finish reading when you have a notebook and pen! )

My goal here isn’t to tell you WHY this works, because I don’t know.  I can just tell you that YES, it DOES work!  My goal is to get you MOVING….and MOVING NOW to accomplish your goals.  The biggest obstacle to YOU achieving YOUR GOALS is simply inactivity.  Writing it down NOW is an activity you can do immediately. Writing it down is Step #1 in achieving your goals. Keep your notebook with you at all times.  You can look back on what you have written for motivation and also have it handy to record new ideas.

How do I know this works?  Because it has worked for me and millions of others!  Joe Rogan , who has a great podcast to help get you THINKING and MOVING, says the following, “Write shit down!! It works. There’s a reason every great man you read about kept extensive journals, plans, wrote books, essays. It brings in another layer of thinking and allows you to come back objectively. When you start writing you’ll start saying things you didn’t even know you wanted, or needed to say.”  You don’t have to write essays and books, but just take NOTES starting NOW about the goals and plans you have and you WILL begin to take action on them!  Take notes! Devise steps to accomplish your goal.

If you want to swim with sharks, you don’t go jump into shark infested waters with a snorkel and a mask.  You sign up for a swimming class.  Then you learn to scuba dive.  And THEN you graduate to swimming with sharks.

Take notes!  Break down the goals in your notebook to smaller steps!  I *GUARANTEE* that you will be amazed with your own results.  And yes, I mean *YOU*!  *YOU* can do whatever you set your sights on!  Just WRITE IT DOWN starting NOW and you will find yourself achieving your goals and dreams.

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