Motivating Others With Your Dedication: Tom Keifer

I always admire someone who generates “something” out of “nothing”. Bringing a vision to life with passion, desire, dedication, and hard work.  There were a few subjects who fit this bill, but I had to go with my personal favorite, Tom Keifer.

The Way Life Goes
The Way Life Goes

Keifer, the legendary front man for the band Cinderella, has released a new album, and it is AMAZING. His debut solo album, “The Way Life Goes” , is a perfect blend of Keifer’s bluesy roots, rock n roll soul, and one of the greatest front-man voices in music history.  In case you weren’t aware,  Keifer had major surgery on his VOCAL CORDS !  That’s a big deal for a man whose livelihood revolves around his powerful and unique voice!

Give his single “Solid Ground” a listen for at least a minute and you will hear some great rock music and a VERY POWERFUL indicator that his voice is as great as ever and he has full confidence in himself and his talent! I thoroughly enjoy every song on this album as it is a mix of classic rock, love songs, and the once in a generation voice of Tom Keifer! ( I have also seen this tour in person no less than 13 times…..the live shows are a blend of the classic Cinderella songs and the new tunes……and it is a ROCKING, LOUD, and COMPLETELY KICK AZZ GOOD TIME! )

But, aside from the music, I am inspired by the drive and dedication Mr. Keifer has shown to compose this music, write these lyrics, produce this album, market the album, and tour continuously to spread his music and merchandise to a legion of dedicated fans.

It is awe inspiring to me, and highly motivational, that Keifer has CREATED this music and now travels around the WORLD performing and seems to manage every aspect of his career and business and brand.  This is NOT working from home, but I feel the FREEDOM that most people yearn for has been achieved, to some degree, by Tom Keifer.  I know life on the road can be difficult, but to CREATE music from your heart and to be able to PERFORM that music for a legion of loyal fans…..I can only assume that beats the hell outta sitting in a cubicle!

When you are working in a desk for 8 hours a day….no one is commissioning cakes with your likeness or helping fundraisers by purchasing bricks with words from your latest sales report.  When you have the talent of a Tom Keifer, you *INSPIRE*….you *MOTIVATE*… *ENTERTAIN*.

Yes....this is a cake!! And it was delicious!
Yes….this is a cake!! And it was delicious!
A TK inspired memento that will last a lifetime.
A TK inspired memento that will last a lifetime

When I look at Tom Keifer I see two different people.  I see an amazing rock star who puts on a helluva show and plays great music!! And I also see a man who has completely built a life and career on his own DEDICATION and his own CREATIVITY.  To me, it is inspiring and awesome and motivates me to work on my passions, so that maybe one day, my passion can be my life, as I assume it is for the timeless and talented, Tom Keifer.

Tom Keifer - The Way Life Goes


Special shout out to Tom Keifer’s guitarist, Tony Higbee.  This guy has his own amazing story that will be told one day, I hope.  He is one of the nicest dudes you will ever meet and his guitar playing is unlike anything I have ever witnessed.  The first time we saw the current band perform live was near Baltimore, MD, and we were immediately blown away by the playing of Higbee and the singing/playing of Keifer as they opened with “Solid Ground”.  This was before the album was released so we had *NO* idea what to expect….and what we got was an amazing show with a whole new world of music and performers open to us!


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