Positivity and Not Politics

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I finally gave up on politics. I gave up on following the endless game of *GOTCHA* from both parties. I quit being outraged every day by the latest accusation or faux pas. I was stressing myself by watching political talk shows and reading endless amounts of political news stories and feeling helpless to make any change. I couldn’t get enough! I was intentionally bringing negativity into my life on a daily basis! I was just ANGRY all the time for no (good) reason.

I quit politics, cold turkey. I created a daily reminder in my calendar and it says, “NO POLITICS!” It’s been a rough transition, but I already feel so much better without the impending doom of Iran getting a nuclear weapon occupying the forefront of my mind. I can barely negotiate a successful “Grass Cutting Accord” with my son, so why am I worried about Iranian embargoes? I am freeing my mind so that I can focus on positive issues and to associate myself with motivated people. People who work to live the life they *WANT* by taking action everyday to advance their goals.

Altering my Internet surfing habits has been the hardest part of quitting politics “cold turkey”. My television was always tuned to a news channel. My car radio was tuned to talk radio shows. My Internet reading was exclusively political sites. I was drowning in the tsunami of garbage being distributed by these various outlets. It seems as though their number one objective is to elicit outrage. (And they all do a MARVELOUS job in achieving their goal!)

So, other than catching the end of a baseball game as I sit down to write at night, I quit watching TV. I now listen to motivational or comedic podcasts when I am driving. ( I highly recommend podcasts provided by @tferris , @adamcarollashow , and @joerogan )And I have redirected my Internet reading and research to preparing for upcoming posts. I concentrate my time and effort toward sharing my thoughts and ideas. I hope to inspire like minded people to ignore the negativity and fear dispensed by political news outlets and to focus on loving their own life.

After a mere 96 hours of no politics, I can feel that my stress levels are near ZERO! I don’t know what’s happening in the world right now, and I feel pretty great about that! I am now using my time to focus on the good stuff in my life and to TAKE ACTION on what I want to do in life. My current mission is to sharpen a message that inspires others to leave behind the barrage of negativity and become a positive influence on themselves and others.

Kinetic Incline is dedicated to profiling people who are inspirational, successful, and living life on their own terms. This site also features my thoughts on getting moving in your own life and to help you stop putting things off until tomorrow. Too many times in my life I have said, “Starting on Monday, I am going to <insert thing I never do here> “. I no longer say those words. Now when I want to do something or achieve something, I take immediate action to make it a reality. It may be something as simple as emailing a point of contact who can guide me, but I so SOMETHING to move the goal forward. The hardest step is always the first one!

I am going to demonstrate how *YOU* can start IMMEDIATELY on a path to achieving your goals or pursuing an idea. The hardest part of any endeavor is taking the first action. Overcoming procrastination is not a new concept, but sometimes people may not know WHAT the first action should be to pursue a goal. I will revisit this concept repeatedly in coming posts and offer some FIRST STEPS to take in achieving various goals.

I have arranged to interview various people who inspire me in many different ways. I will be bringing those interviews to YOU soon. These people will all have one thing in common. They have not settled for the corporate monotony of life. All of these people have identified a goal, TAKEN ACTION, and now live a life that they control as opposed to living a life defined by the demands of others.

YOU can take your life in the direction you want starting NOW!

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