Facebook Deactivated…..Motivation ReAcquired!

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I finally took the plunge and deactivated my Facebook account.  I’ll be back….I know it…but, for now, it feels good to be free of the non-stop negativity of political and societal differences and grievances.

It was getting to be a daily occurence where I would launch FB and vehemently disagree with someone, who I really like outside of FB, or blindly LIKE anything with which I agreed.  Not to be too melodramatic, but it was affecting my day to day state of mind.  I hated how I was feeling towards people I consider friends, solely based on political views/opinions.

There is no candidate I prefer, there is no comment I can make that will change anyone’s mind, and no matter what I think or feel, the election results will be whatever they will be!  So, why in the heck was I subjecting myself to this avalanche of negativity and conflict every day?  This goes completely against a pledge I made earlier to ignore politics and to focus on being positive and improving my life.  I want to educate myself about numerous topics and take risks on a variety of ventures.

One avenue of learning and motivating myself is to listen to various podcasts as I workout or walk my dog.  I have come to fully appreciate the MANY podcasts hosted by Adam Carolla.  Known as a funny man, I have come to realize that Carolla is a great motivator.  He preaches the virtue of hard work, creating and seizing opportunity, and taking personal responsibility for creating a great life for yourself!

Here is a compilation of Adam Carolla’s “Take a Knee Podcast”.  The level of motivation you will get from this podcast is amazing.  These interviews are really interesting and eye opening.  Terry Crews, Ryan Leaf, Daymond John, and many other people give very personal interviews on their success *AND* their failures.  No subject is off the table and Adam Carolla does a really great job getting these guests to open up and share and entertain and, most importantly, MOTIVATE!!


Last add for this post.  I am PRO-National Anthem and I am PRO rocking out.  So, this version of the National Anthem is one of my all time favorites.  This isn’t meant to be controversial or demean anyone’s beliefs, I just think this version is pretty awesome!!


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