Down, But Not Out…or Discouraged

2019 was my first real venture into the penny stock arena. If it were an actual arena, I would have been disemboweled by about June! I am currently down quite a bit, but like they say, “If you haven’t sold anything, you haven’t lost anything!” THEY are probably as bad off as I am, but it’s what THEY say! 😉

Luckily for me, my “REAL” money is tucked away with a professional and doing VERY WELL in this current market. But, it’s not an insignificant amount that I have played around with this year. I had some small wins that were, frankly, pure luck. But, they sure felt good when I SOLD for a profit. That feeling is what we are all chasing, I suppose!


VYST …. this fickle mistress of mine. At one point, I was up about 5K or so and was just waiting for the “WHEEEEEEE…UP TO DOLLARS” as so many idiots on IHUB say. I got in after the run-up from .0006 or so, but was pretty happy for awhile. And then…..well, here’s the one year chart for VYST. I got in around the beginning of March. I was BUYING THOSE DIPS!!!

One Year Chart -- VYST -- 2019
One Year Chart — VYST — 2019

As you can see, I just watched my money dwindle. I R MORON.

BUT, the problem with this particular penny stock is that they have an ACTUAL infrastructure and make money and have tons of insiders HOLDING shares. Why the hell are they holding if it sucks? Why buy more? They have patents, products, partnerships, and potential. I feel like I HAVE to hold this stuff. The worst it can do is go to zero, I suppose. But, it will SURE feel good if these Vystar people come through and get this baby running in 2020.

VYST Holdings as of 25DEC2019

If you can do basic math, you know how ugly this is for me. But, Just holding and enjoying! 🙂 😐 🙁


SBES … WHY WHY WHY did I sell when I did? I bought in at .0015. All I had to do was NOTHING, I would have made about 10K in profit. I did make some cash on this twice. Then I bought in about 15 min before the plummet a week or so ago. I got rid of that for now and bought this XSPT stuff. I just wanted to buy something where I could have 600K or more shares. QUALITY investment strategy, huh? I will more than likely buy back into SBES on 26DEC2019 and see where this ride takes us. The pumping is quality and many people SEEM to believe in the CEO. I am just nor sure exactly what SBES has to do with SAAS, but I haven’t really dug deep into the whole thing. Best of luck to everyone who is long on this. I shall join you ASAP!!!

2020 Goals

As I get the hang of this and ride the pumps, hold the good ones, and take my lumps, I would like to accomplish two things by this time next year.

  • At the end of the year, I would like to have paid each mortgage payment with penny stock profits. It may not be on a per month basis just yet, but at the end of the year I would like to have earned AT LEAST enough to cover all 12 payments.
  • Every pay period, find a promising stock in the “trips” and get a million shares or so. After that, NOTHING. Just hold it and see what happens. Maybe I “hit the lotto” once or twice. That would achieve the goal stated above! I tried that a bit this year, but I got impatient and, STUPIDLY, kept selling to buy more VYST as it plummetted! (DOH!)


Good luck to you all this year!! Shorts, longs, bashers, pumpers…ALL OF YOU!! Some of you are scumbags, but most are just looking to make some money and live life. I am very fortunate that all of my kids are grown, I have been saving for 20+ years, and this is money I can afford to lose. I would rather have WINS, but the losses are not devastating to me. Merry Christmas to you all! Or, I hope your <Insert Celebration here> is as great as possible. I know 2019 isn’t over yet for you maniacs playing the OTC, but I hope you have a VERY PROFITABLE 2020 and I hope to join you in your success!

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