VYST Ownership – Day 257 – 9K Loss and Holding

VYST as of 18NOV2019

I jumped back into penny stocks at the beginning of 2019. A few plays were profitable and then I found my Moby Dick, this gotdang VYST! I am not looking for revenge on Moby Dick like ole crazy Ishmael, but some of my friends and family think I am just as crazy and obsessed with this stock and this company.

The guy I work with — just a good ole fashioned penny stock hater. He trades only the bigger companies. He’s done fairly well with ServiceNow this year, but he always mocks my penny stock hobby. I am like, “BRO, I made a quick 1K or so on SBES and am already back in for more!” He’s still hoping Boeing can get an airplane to stay aloft and drag the stock price into the stratosphere!

The Beautiful Lady in my life — She doesn’t really care, in general, because I have actual savings and investments independent of my penny stock activities. But, for months I have been telling her, “Just waiting for news..” or “Almost there” or “I DON’T KNOW I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE WORTH MORE ALREADY!!” You know, little hints about the direction of the stock!

My other penny stock buddies – They are mostly in the “NEVER HOLD OVERNIGHT” school of thought. I personally don’t mind holding a week or more if I believe in the “DD”. I have been in and out of a few and did well… YRIV, SBES, VSHC, etc etc… But, VYST has reeled me in like the big fish!

After MONTHS of buying, holding, and buying MORE MORE MORE of VYST, I am ready for the payoff! I want to tell my co-worker, “I TOLD YOU, MFer!!!” I want to tell my woman, ” I NEVER HAD A DOUBT, BABY!!” I want to tell my fellow penny stock traders, ” I WAS RIGHT!!!”

So, come on Rotman family and Vystar Corporation. From your history, plans, patents, complete lack of insider selling, and potential for current product lines, I am trusting *MY* “DD” and am holding and hoping. It’s been over 7 months since my initial entry and we are supposed to see the “Super 8K” and the “10K” within the next few days. I can hold a bit longer and see where we go!

It’s been an interesting experience and I have looked pretty dumb to some friends and family *AND* those jerks on iHUB, who waste precious time bashing, have the upper hand now as I have NO AMMO with which to rebut their obnoxious postings. I try to not to look, but I can’t help myself sometimes.

One way or another, I expect something significant with the VYST PPS in the next 96 hours or so! So, if you are in, good luck to you! If you are bashing and laughing at us who believe in VYST and the Rotmans, here’s a little message for you since you blocked me on iHUB: (Language warning)

Good luck out there and have a GREEN DAY!!!!

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