Sleepy VYST and Active SBES

On The Road

Hit the road and headed to Salisbury University to see my son perform in one of his many ensembles. It was a pretty kick azz performance by all the players. A little bit of rock and roll and some more “sophisticated” music for the professionals.

The picture below is sunset as I cross the bridge into Cambridge, MD. I had to risk certain death to snap this photo with my phone. At least I wasn’t texting! 😉


SBES and Some Excitement

The past few months have been a VYST exclusive for my penny stock hobby purposes. Let me just say, I fully believe in VYST, but it’s been BORING. Waiting, waiting, waiting, etc. Now, I am a patient man and am happy to be holding, but I am here for a good time as well.

SBES has given me the excitement I need as I wait for VYST to get moving. Got approx 1M shares at .0016 and it’s either a classic pump u to .003 or this XU person will really give it a good boost up to .01 and beyond!! We shall see!! I just enjoy the ride and the MOSTLY positive comments about SBES.

VYST –> The NeverEnding Story

Much like Bastian in “The NeverEnding Story”, I am doing my best to avoid the VYST bully/bashers and see how this VYST tale ends!! Although they announced they were filing an extension for their 10K, it didn’t necessarily imply it would be late. It was more of a, “give us a few more days if we need it” move. Will they need it? Probably! lol If the price dips today, I will definitely buy more. In for a penny in for multiple thousands!!

VYST/SBES as of 14NOV2019 @ 0900HRS EST

As you can see, my holdings aren’t breaking any records, but this is a bit of a hobby for me that I hope pays dividends. Can’t be any worse than betting on the NFL! ( Ask me how I know!! 😉 )

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