VYST Hold and SBES Reload

VYST — Buy More and Holding

Should VYST turn out to be a complete bust, I will feel pretty stupid. I have such confidence in the long term future of this stock and the company. The insiders are holding, the products are selling, the innovation is happening….I have a hard time seeing where this goes bad. Unlike a lot of my other plays in the OTC, this company has tangible assets, a lengthy history, and a long term, well-established management team. So, I bought a lot more on Friday and am hoping the Super 8K and 10K come out this week and ignite the PPS climb we have all anticipated. This could be the week where $VYST finally delivers and begins to ROCK!!

VYST Holdings As of 17NOV2019
VYST Holdings As of 17NOV2019

SBES Reload

So, I wasn’t a good bro and I sold my SBES. I bought at .0016 and sold at .0024. I feel like SBES will definitely go HIGHER, but I have been so single-focused on VYST the past few months, I just wanted the sweet feeling of selling for a profit. Probably won’t get back in at .0016, but I made myself approximately 600 dollars which flipped into some extra $VYST shares. So, SBES reload and HOLD on deck for Monday. I enjoy the excitement of SBES and hopefully, many holders will make plenty of cash during this run!

80s Rock and Ravens Weekend

Saw a great band this weekend and they played tons of 80s hair metal and some pop type stuff. It was an EXCELLENT show. But, the highlight of my weekend was a bit of van dwelling. It was cold and I felt like just hanging out with a beautiful woman, so we skipped the game at the stadium and made preparations in the van to eat, drink, and enjoy the game.

We went to a local restaurant that we like which offers a nice parking garage. Ordered some food to go and headed back out to the van. Had the tablet ready to go with a free trial of “YouTube Television” so we could stream the game. Had the Diehard battery all charged up so we could keep the tablet powered up. Warm blankets and cold wine were also plentiful. It was a perfect and fun way to watch the Ravens beat up on the Texans.

Let’s Have a Great Week

Whether you own VYST, SBES, or any other security that you think will increase your position in life, best of luck to you! I am a very lucky man in all aspects of life and a home run with VYST would only add to my good fortune and love for life. I would LOVE for this to hit hard before Christmas. We love to do as much as possible for as many as possible during the Christmas season. VYST profits would definitely be spent on spreading the Christmas Spirit!

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