VYST Update 26AUG2019

Well, here I am, almost six months into my VYST adventure! I traded a few penny stocks from January until that time and somehow came across VYST. I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon this stock, but have I been UP and DOWN with this thing since 3MAR2019!

VYST Chart YTD 2019
VYST – YTD 2019
My VYST holdings as of 26AUG2019

My previous penny stock adventures have been with hyped stock symbols with nothing but a PO BOX and an idea to grow weed on leased land. ( True Story!) After reading about the Rotman family and their history of success the Vystar/Rotman merger looked a lot better to me!! Rotmans has actual, tangible assets. An infrastructure to manufacture, distribute, and sell multiple items. Relationships with partners to increase their productivity and prepare for a surge in demand for *MANY* products that are on the horizon. I am, quite frankly, freaking excited for the future!

A Few Tweets Just From 26AUG2019

All of this info, in MY OPINION, shows that this company is prepping to market quite a few products and ramp up revenue. Could I be wrong? HELL YES!! But, if this were a bust would *ALL* of the insiders be BUYING more and more shares? And the insiders have *NEVER* sold one single share of this stock! Even when it was 5x the share price. So, *THEY* believe in what they are building and knowing this, I BELIEVE!

Aside from “brick & mortar” relationships that are forming, we already have a presence on AMAZON! Looking good and I grabbed a couple of pillows a week or so ago! They are great!

VYST on AMAZON — Click to Browse

All of my kids are grown and gone, so I am just playing penny stocks as something to do until I find a less expensive hobby! But, I feel very fortunate to have stumbled across VYST. Wish it was back in the sub-penny days, but I can’t be TOO greedy! I am currently at about 350K shares. I *HOPE* to get that to 400K or so before blast off!

All in all, I am excited to see where this goes! Give them a follow on Twitter and see if you are interested in the possibilities!

Vystar Twitter
Click for $VYST Twitter Page

This is basically just for me to reflect back on and see what I was thinking at the time. As of 26AUG2019, I am feeling GREAT about $VYST and the direction of the company and the quality of the leadership team.

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