Van, VYST, Vacation, and Vixen

So, I bought the 2007 Honda Odyssey Touring. I had to put some cash into it so it would pass MD State Inspection, but then again, I have NEVER had a car pass MD State Inspection without needing “tie rods” and/or “engine mounts”. ( engine mounts this ) I did some extra stuff like cabin filters, new wipers, and a few other things. Could have done those myself, but I was there already so I just let them handle it all for me. This van will be the first car I try to really take care of and get maximum life for my dollar!

I got the van back from the shop and immediately headed south to Virginia (Montgomery Village) to see an 80s band (The Reagan Years) play an outside show. It couldn’t have been a more perfect trip! The van A/C was COLD, the traffic was LIGHT, the weather was AMAZING, the wine was TASTY, the food was DELICIOUS, and the music KICKED MUCH AZZ!! \m/

After the show, we knew of a “safe” parking garage in which to “stealth camp” for the night. We used the restroom at the outside music venue and then headed to the parking garage. We were pretty tired from the whole day of running around and rocking out so we got things set up and crashed hard. Nothing but a sleeping bag and 2 pillows! Early departure time, so we slept the night away in the van with no trouble and pretty decent comfort. Hit the road back home to drop everyone off and then, I set out on adventure #2!

Hiking and Napping

Once alone, I headed to Catoctin Mountain Park in Thurmont, MD. It was about an hour drive through Maryland to get there. ( The FARTHER away from Baltimore you get, the NICER it is in Maryland. ) I have hiked here before, but I hated the drive *HOME* because I just wanted to SLEEP! So, I did a pretty good hike with LOTS of UPHILL action. 2.5 hours after setting out, I get back to the van. Parked in a very shady spot, I took THE BEST NAP EVER!!

The ability to stretch out and zonk out, in a comfortable spot, after a hike is every reason I bought this van condensed into one magic moment! I took a nice, cool hour nap, woke up, and headed home. The drive was great because I wasn’t just trying to hurry home to sleep! THANK YOU VAN DWELLERS FOR OPENING MY EYES!

Although not a van dweller myself just yet, the van has been acquired and as much dwelling as possible will be happening ASAP!

Next up is a road trip to Florida to visit my son who is serving in the US Air Force. When I visit my family in Alabama, I will be van dwelling despite the 100% humidity waiting on me! I look forward to getting some miles on the van and seeing how things go on an extended trip!

Penny Stock HomeRun Report

If I am going to fund my desired lifestyle with penny stocks, I better see some GREEN DAYS fairly soon!! I *STILL* believe in $VYST ! If you would have got INTO and OUT OF $PWDY on Friday you could have seen a return of 140% on your investment! Me, I’m just waitin on VYST. I am kind of in a state of uncertainty until SOMETHING happens and the impending merger news is officially announced. I am in SO DEEP, I bought a LOT more this past week! Here’s the current lineup of HOME RUN picks:

  • CUBV — 111,111 at .0009/share
  • PWDY — 76,923 at .0013/share
  • VYST — 270,296 at .0531/share

If you look at the current prices and can do some simple math, you will see that I need to remain employed for right now! 🙂 BUT, if the “longs” in VYST are correct, then it’s gonna be one helluva Christmas this year!! Fortunately, I am not COUNTING on these plays just yet, just something to do instead of playing the lottery!

To Do List:

  • Reflectix Black Out covers for back windows.
  • Due Diligence on potential HOME RUN PENNY STOCKS.
  • Stop stressing about s*** and enjoy life!

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