Van Dwelling and Penny Stocking

If there are two things I know very little about, it’s living in a van and making money trading penny stocks! But, I am getting older and I am thinking it’s time to say <BLEEP> it and experience life.

My kids are grown and are either in the military or in college. I have a “sizeable” nest egg in untouchable retirement accounts. And I am sick of working in the IT industry.

Van Dwelling?

What the hell is van dwelling? Living in a VAN!! ( either down by the river or not, I suppose! ) ( CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ) I flirted with sailing a few years back and realized I would probably DIE if I continued down that path. The liveaboard lifestyle is very similar to the van dwelling life, except you know….water vs the road!! So, even though I wimped out on sailing, the “Rambling Man” bug was still eating at me big time.

Somehow I came across stories about people living in customized vans. I was immediately interested. I was also immediately wondering how in the hell you live in a van and earn money to EAT and other important things.

Penny Stocks for the Gas Money

Before I really thought about giving it all up to live in a van, I was dabbling in penny stocks. NOT with my “real” money, but with extra money, in hopes of hitting a home run! As of now, I have only made a little bit on very few trades. BUT, I currently have a (too) large position in a stock called $VYST. I could sell my position NOW and purchase a decent van and get it mechanically sound. OR, I can see what happens and if $VYST performs as I am hoping, I can bankroll an entire awesome van and who knows how much in the way of gas and provisions.


When I first drafted this post, I was really just “dreaming” about freedom. It’s been a whopping 48 hours since the intial draft and…I THINK I HAVE A VAN. I found a 2007 Honda Odyssey Touring with super low mileage. I am going to pick it up Wednesday ( 10JULY2019) and my minimalism will make it camper ready as soon as the seats are down/out and a mattress and some pillows are thrown in the back. (Note: Able to get van without selling any stock.)

I was reading some great content and I think the minivan idea is best for ME. THIS GUY really has some great content about minivan campers. So, after weighing everything from RV to tricked out conversion van to a minivan, the minivan is my option. For now!

I came back to reality about living immediately in the van. But, I will spend every weekend exploring the surrounding area and having a good time. I check out local 80s bands quite often so I will just follow them somewhere and spend the night in the area. My chance of a DWI will plummet dramatically! 🙂

As far as penny stocks, my 2 current $100 lotto tickets are :

  • $CUBV – 111111 @ $0.0009
  • $PWDY – 76923 @ $0.0013

WTF is this, you ask? Well, I have quite a bit of money in “real” investments. So, I decided to invest $100.00 every 2 weeks into a Potential Penny Stock Homerun. I am currently heavily invested ( relatively speaking ) in $VYST. I could have banked a nice profit off of this already, but I didn’t do the right thing. Or…MAYBE I DID!! Time will tell. But, if $VYST hits a dime or more, well, —–> THIS !!!!!

(I am perfectly aware that THIS isn’t a strategy to live off of for even one day! The penny stock home run experiment is just a test of certain DD and recommendations! )

Good luck to you in your van dwelling, penny stocking, or whatever you are doing to earn your FREEDOM!!!

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