Rockin in Leesburg,VA, and VYST

Hungover & Happy

What a weekend! Took the day off on Friday to head to Leesburg,VA., to see Tom Keifer put on a show. This was our 3rd road trip to see the show and meet-n-greet! Started off at The Georgetown Café with food and mimosas. Good food, EXCELLENT service, and we always stay at the connected Bed & Breakfast when we attend a show at the Tally Ho! It is a VERY UNIQUE place to stay, and we always have a blast! The convenience to the Tally Ho is unparalleled!

I was a little tipsy, but we also ate a place called “Lightfoot“. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. It’s a more upscale kind of place and everything was DELICIOUS!

Meet & Greet with Tom Keifer

The tour manager ( I guess that’s his title ) is a guy named Kevin and we have met him a few times at various shows. He was really cool to us so we wanted to do something cool for him and the band. I know….it sounds like we are groupies…..but, we are just fans who like to do stuff!! We had two things made for the show. We had a cake made for the band and we had cupcakes made for us. I assume the band got the cake and I hope it was good!! The cupcakes were Awesome and full of Malibu!! 🙂

Tom Keifer Cupcakes
I messed up a few in transit, but they still look good and tasted great!
Tom Keifer "Rise" Cake
Tom Keifer “Rise” Cake. I thought it looked awesome! Not sure how it tasted!

Concert Time

I could gush yet again about how great the show is and what a performance is given by Tom Keifer and the band, but you can see it all here —> READ MORE! It is a great show with the great songs from before and the current material that is pretty awesome. I also got my VIP records this weekend, but totally forgot to take a photo of them!!

Front Row Center for the show. It was bad azz!!


Woke up Saturday, ate breakfast, and spent the day drinking wine and playing dominoes before heading to HANGARFEST ! Our favorite “80s band”, The Reagan Years, played a show there for a big charity event and it’s ALWAYS a great time. You are, as the name implies, in a huge hangar at an airport. Rocking out and drinking!! I am sure there was food there, but we were up front and focusing on having nothing but a good time!! 😉

Another awesome show by The Reagan Years and another fun night enjoying life!!

Penny Stock Home Run Play

Adding more shares when the price dips…..waiting for the take off!

Well, it’s been about 7 months since I joined the VYST hype train! I could have sold and repurchased multiple times and made some cash, but I am just holding my shares and gathering more when possible! VYST was upgraded to the OTCQB, which means nothing to me, but it is apparently an upgrade that proves their reliability and trustworthiness to a greater degree. I have full faith in the Rotman family to deliver something cool here with this stock. So….I will buy some more and enjoy the ride! Worst case scenario….I lose all of this money. Not the end of the world for me, but it would be a LOT COOLER if it takes off to $1 or more!!

Have an awesome week and ENJOY YOUR LIFE!!! I wasted many years just being an automaton at home and work. No more of that **** for me!! I am going to enjoy every second!! I recommend you do the same!!

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