Swing For The Fences In 2020


Can only be thankful for *ANY* day where $VYST ends up in the GREEN! 2.2% increase today. That this stock is probably in the doldrums the rest of 2019 is more or less a given, but I am excited for 2020. Hopefully, the fine folks at Vystar will begin wheeling and dealing and announcing news that will move the PPS back towards my AVG! Right now, I am redder in $VYST than the nose of the space shuttle as it re-enters the atmosphere!! My shares are that RED, *NOT* that HOT!!


My twins turn 21 on Monday, so we will be living it up!! We had a great Christmas!! I have plans for NYE that will be rocking! What does this have to do with SBES? Well, the money I allot for fun, which includes penny stock fun, has taken a beating this month for other obligations. But, I think this will be a good play soon! I already made some cash on it when I bought in at .0015. I was in and out a few times. STUPID ME!! I could have made a LOT of money if I held for the full ride.

I will be getting a decent amount of cash on 3JAN2020. If $SBES is still in the .01 – .015 range, I will probably jump back in with a sizeable position and then, hang on for the ride! Good luck to all the $SBES longs who have endured the past week or so!!

$FTEG and $SKYF and $XSPT

The first of my 3 plays where I dig in like a fully roided up Barry Bonds, put on all of my protective gear, and look for a 3-0 fastball to send into the stratosphere!

Swinging at the SKYF fastball….

Disclaimer — I grew up a die-hard Braves fan and this is my favorite Barry Bonds play of all time::

I am going to hold all of these until they hit .01. (IF, I should say!! ) It’s a series of lotto plays, but also an exercise in discipline. I attempted to do this earlier this year, but I wasn’t disciplined and/or patient enough to hold my HOMERUN DERBY picks while I did other things. As I said in another post, I became fixated on buying MORE $VYST as it dipped. I am too weak to even go back and look at my homerun derby plays because they could be multi pennies now and I just can’t deal with negativity until 3JAN2020! 🙂

I know this doesn’t seem like a great strategic move, but I could either spend 100 bucks on a million shares of a lotto stock or buy another bottle of CROWN ROYAL XR! Both bring me great joy, but one could land me in jail if over consumed!

I wish ALL of you ALL the best in 2020!

2020 Home Run Derby has started a week early!

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