Redskins, Rocking, and VYST

Pathetic in Perpetuity

So, I am NOT a huge Redskins fan, but for 20 years I have listened to Steve Czaban, a local sports radio personality here in the DC area. I am kind of a Redskins fan by association due to my exposure to talk about the team. All I can say is GOTD@M, it’s been a complete cluster eff of a team since I arrived in 2000. A few bright spots over the years, but those were more fluke than “working as designed”.

I have a bit of schadenfreude, as I take great pleasure in hearing Czabe and others rant and rave on their podcasts/shows about the complete and utter failure of Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen and the organization as a whole. I don’t WISH for them to fail, I just enjoy a good, heartfelt rant!

If you are looking for an awesome podcast, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the “CZABECAST“. Although sports oriented, it touches on numerous topics in a hilarious light. Great guests, excellent gambling advice, and best of all…it’s sort of free!! The premium subscription gets you the Friday Czabecast, and it is SOOOO worth the money. The Friday show prepping you for the NFL weekend is the greatest podcast content out on the interwebs!

(Czabe has invented and institutes the A.L.E Theory. *GENIUS*)

Another great podcast and twitter account I just discovered is: “Burgundy Blog”. The podcasts are great and the commentary is genius!

HIGHLY recommend the Czabecast for daily entertainment and the “Burgundy Blog” is a great follow on Twitter to keep your eye on the real time melt down of a professional sports franchise!

Redskins Crying Logo
Poor Redskins’ Fans

Rocking at The Stables

Took the old Honda Odyssey on a quick Sunday road trip to Westminster,MD. A great 80s band, The Reagan Years, were playing at a venue we have never visited, The Stables. It is a nice place that I probably wouldn’t have visited without a band playing. But, thankfully we had a reason to visit. The food was *FREAKING DELICIOUS*. We had a gyro and a crabcake and both were finger licking good! ( If I am allowed to use that line!! ) Add — The service was EXCEPTIONAL! So very friendly and nice!!

The crowd was a bit….motorcycle gang-y, but everyone was pretty nice for the most part. Any time a band is playing there will be a drunk jerk or two. I had one that kept bumping in to me throughout the night, but I was having a great time so I let him live! 😉

Happy 10 Year Anniversary to “The Stables” and we will definitely be back to sample more off the menu!

Penny Stock Home Run Play

VYST as of 8OCT at 1130HRS EST

Well, Vystar Corporation didn’t release its SUPER 8K on time, but they put out a statement to explain what was happening.

If this was a large chunk of money I actually needed, I would be nervous. But, my 400K+ shares were all purchased with money I don’t need and I am perfectly aware of the fun, excitement, and risk involved in the OTC markets. But, I still have 100% confidence in $VYST.

No insider has ever sold ONE share and they seem to be accumulating more!! We are all patiently awaiting the release of the Super 8K and all of the future business wheelings and dealings the Rotman family plan to unveil to us shareholders!

The delay sucks, but only because I am excited to see what happens. Like when a TV show has a kick azz cliff hanger and you have to wait months or years to see what happens. I am ready to see what happens NOW!!

Good luck to all you VYST investors. I fully believe that good things are on the way and I am impatient only in my desire to see it unfold….I am PATIENTLY holding all my shares in anticipation of something exciting!

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