Reading, Rocking, and VYST

BBQing and Rocking Out

Lots of work these past two weeks, but all for good causes! And, OF COURSE, I got my rocking time in between periods of responsibility!

Once the smoker reaches 225 degrees, the meat goes on!

I made about 50 pounds of pulled pork to support a local charity, Anthony’s Run. The event was held at a cool antique/maritime store called “Anchors and Oars“. We had a great time listening to live music, selling BBQ, and raising money for a great cause! We sold out of the BBQ and I have heard that the total fundraising amount was quite impressive!!

RC Colas and Moonpies to make it a GREAT BBQ!
RC Colas and Moon Pies to make it a GREAT BBQ!

After the BBQ

After the BBQ I was sticking to the water side area and hit some local spots for drinks by the Chesapeake Bay!! Can’t beat the food and the atmosphere. Later that night, we headed over to The Red Eyes Dock Bar to see a local 80s band!! I have talked about this repeatedly, so no need to elaborate again, except to say it was one kick azz time!

Reading in the Van

I love my Honda Odyssey and I use it as a home away from home or to just get a moment of peace in the middle of the day. I had the windows heavily tinted and put a comfortable futon mattress with pillows in the back. I can literally be in the middle of a mall parking lot and have 100% privacy. It’s the best.

The other day I was waiting around for someone and climbed on into the back. Kicked my shoes off and fired up the Kindle to read until my guest arrived! 🙂

I *ALWAYS enjoy anything written by David Baldacci, but I am especially loving the “Memory Man” series. The Amos Decker character and all of the stories about his exploits and struggles are enjoyable. Almost through with Book 5! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Penny Stock Home Run Play

$VYST as of 30SEP2019

Well, I have been acquiring shares of $VYST since approx Mar of 2019. Everything I have read, discovered, dug up, etc., on this company has only solidified my belief that this stock will be something special soon. The “Super 8K” is due out tomorrow, 1OCT2019. Will it be on time? I have no idea! Does that matter? Beats me! I just know that I am holding on to my shares and am hoping that the Rotman family and all the insiders (WHO HAVE NEVER SOLD ONE SHARE OF $VYST ) are as committed as I am to getting this baby to the NASDAQ and making my mortgage disappear!

Best of luck to all of my fellow $VYST investors!!

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