Prime Rib

After years of “perfecting” my pulled pork and various sauces, I decided to give prime rib a try. Two major factors for the prime rib experiment were:

  • Tender and juicy cuts of meat if prepared properly.
  • Smoking time extremely short compared to pork shoulders.

A prime rib roast is a bit pricey for experimenting, but you will never learn to make it happen if all you do is read and watch videos. You *HAVE* to get your own prime rib roast and give it a try!

My Smokers
Extra Smoker for big project!

For a 5 pound prime rib roast, I fired up the smaller smoker. It’s an awesome Masterbuilt grill I slightly modified years ago to use as a smoker. Lots of sentimental value and MANY delicious meals cooked on this baby!

Masterbuilt Smoker
Masterbuilt Smoker

I looked up many recipes on how to season and smoke a prime rib roast. When I finally got my SIXTY DOLLAR roast, I decided to just go with a simple salt & pepper seasoning. Nothing special to describe here! I simply dabbed the excess moisture off of the roast with paper towels and then applied a very liberal coat of salt and pepper all over the roast. I usually would do a light coat of olive oil before salt and pepper, but I didn’t have any in the house and going to the grocery store wasn’t an option.

I didn’t follow this recipe, but it’s as good as any for a good framework to follow as you determine your best method for prime rib!

Once the meat was seasoned and my smoker was up and running, I was ready to get down to business. The recipe I link to has the smoker at a temp of 350 degrees. Personally, I prefer my smoker at 225 degrees as I like it SLOW and LOW!

Since I use a “stick burner” I am constantly going out to check the fire and the temp. Well, I am getting older and lazier and it was REALLY COLD outside so I tried something new and it was FREAKING AWESOME!

This wireless temp monitor kept me from going outside every 30 minutes and it was a wonderful feeling to stay warm and know my smoker was still rolling! Luckily this is also a meat thermometer because my old trusty meat thermometer died on me at the end of this cook!

Not much to report after the rib roast was on the smoker. I let it roll about 15 min per pound, pulled it out when the internal temp was about 140 degrees, and stuck it in a pan with a foil tent over top. I left it in the foil to rest for about 30 minutes and then sliced in to check the results. It was very delicious! Tender, juicy, and smoky….like my woman!! 😉

It’s criminal the lack of photos of the meat and the process. But, the results were amazing and I highly recommend giving this cut of meat a try on your smoker ASAP!

I tried to recreate this delicious meal but ( and don’t tell anyone ) in the oven. I don’t remember WHY I wanted to do an oven cook versus the smoker, but there seemed to be a reason at the time.

I followed a very similar process for the meat prep and put it in the oven at 225 for 15-ish min per pound until the internal temp was approx 140. Pulled it out, tented it under foil, let it rest for half an hour, sliced a piece off and basically this:

I will wrap this up with some observations:

  • I preferred the boneless to the bone in for prime rib roast. Which is weird because I only use bone in for my pork shoulders. Shredding around a bone is easier than slicing around one!
  • I definitely preferred the smoked prime rib versus the oven cooked. I don’t know if it was the smoke flavor itself, but overall, the two didn’t even compare. Probably need to run through the oven experiment again.
  • Wireless thermometer is a MUST HAVE if you are smoking and it’s cold out or you just want to chill out inside more often than not!
  • Salt and pepper on a prime rib roast is all you REALLY need, but feel free to season that baby with all kinds of stuff.
  • It’s an expensive cut of meat, but when done right it is REALLY GOOD!
  • Don’t be scared….give it a try! When I first started using a smoker I was reading and reading and reading…..NOTHING is as good as EXPERIENCE! Fire up that smoker and give it a try!!

VERY BASIC ebook on how to use a wood burning smoker to smoke a delicious bone in pork shoulder!
Click the book cover to buy for 99 cents!!

(Literally my 1st ebook. People kept asking me HOW DO I COOK A PORK SHOULDER. I kind of wrote up the instructions for a bunch of people and decided to drop it on Amazon in case anyone thought spending a buck would be worth the risk. Not comprehensive or THE BEST, but it’s my BASIC strategy with obvious tweaks for time and temp and preference. )

Have a great and Happy New Year and make 2020 an awesome and delicious year!!!

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