A Penny Saved is a Penny Invested

Not too long ago, I wouldn’t have bothered to stop and pick up a penny off the sidewalk. WTF am I going to do with a penny? I make pretty good money and have very low debt/expenses that need to be handled, so why would I BOTHER to stoop down for a penny? Aside from being a fun hobby where I am learning numerous lessons about the OTC, I have a newfound respect for the (formerly) mundane penny.

So, what does a penny get you? Not too long ago, ONE PENNY would have purchased approx 14 shares of $SBES at $0.0007 per share. As of Friday, 22NOV2019, that penny would have been worth THREE pennies. That doesn’t SEEM like a lot to the average person, but if that were a THOUSAND dollars of $SBES and they all of a sudden had THREE THOUSAND dollars, maybe the point would hit home.

I grew up VERY POOR in LOWER Alabama. I only had vague ideas about the stock market and no idea about penny stocks. (Also, no Internet trading available ( as far as I know ) in the early 90s. ) But, growing up poor and knowing what I know now, I believe the OTC could be an escape from poverty for SOME people. Most “poor” people do have disposable income. My mom and stepdad NEVER went without cigarettes or that delicious Natural Light. We had our lights and our water turned off more than a few times, but they *ALWAYS* had beer and cigarettes. I don’t begrudge them these pleasures, it’s just that there WAS money available, if so desired, to speculate in the penny stock arena.

Could you lose your few, precious dollars and have to start from scratch and experience disappointment? Sure, but that’s life! Scrape together a few dollars and try again! I know some people will poo-poo this and say poor people have no money for this and life is hard. Well, I have been there and if someone is interested in building a better life they can definitely make an attempt and the OTC seems like a great place to start. A modest $100 play in $SBES would yield a $200 profit. As a former below poverty line citizen, $200 is a windfall.

Obviously there is a risk and when $100 is a *LOT* of money to you the risk is greater. But, NO RISK, NO REWARD. I am not saying it’s for everyone, but it’s THERE for ANYONE who wants to take a chance at a better life. I *WISH* as a teen I knew about the OTC and had the opportunity to trade online. Every dollar I earned from Little Caesar’s would have gone towards the chance to grow my wealth.

But, it can all, literally, start with picking up a penny and adding it to some other pennies until you have enough pennies to get a few shares of a well-researched $0.007 per share stock. Sacrifice, dedication, self-education, and some luck can go a long way to improving your station in life.

I know this is a very simplified view of the situation. I just know it’s POSSIBLE and that the OTC is a great opportunity for someone to turn a FEW dollars into a FEW MORE dollars and maybe more!


I only have about 500K shares of this, but it was pretty exciting to grab my last 250K shares. My order went through at about 3:59PM EST on Friday. SHEW! The excitement and buzz are here for this stock, now we need some concrete movement in the way of filings, PRs, etc. Should be interesting!! If this should go “all the way” to $0.01 per share, I will earn approx $4000 in profit. Not a windfall, but 2 mortgage payments. Use the OTC to make your life better, and HAVE FUN doing it!


VYST is my holding that has become a battle of wills between me and everyone who talks **** about VYST. This includes “bashers” on iHUB, my family and friends who think I am crazy, and my own internal rule-breaking self as I get emotionally attached and ALL IN despite the warnings. I have loaded up to about 550K shares of VYST with avg of about .04. So, my 500K shares of SBES and my 500K shares of VYST are vastly different in importance to me! I have been buying and holding VYST since Match 2019. I could have sold for quite a profit at .09, but I believe in the Rotman plan forward. Knowing what I know now, I could have sold and then bought a LOT more when the price dropped, but I was fairly new!

Where are we with VYST? Well, financials are late, but we keep hearing from the company, via Twitter, that they are coming and will reflect some very positive numbers. I have to believe that if the financials aren’t released ASAP on Monday, 25NOV2019, there will be a big dip in the PPS as many impatient folks will dump. I fully believe in the company, but I understand those who are impatient and may want out if there is a lack of prompt release of 10Q/10K/8K/WHATEVER ASAP on Monday. But, if you toss those shares, like Sir Mix-A-Lot said in a classic song of his, “I’ll pull up quick to retrieve it..”. I will definitely be buying tomorrow if the price plummets on NO NEWS! I am NOT one to learn my lesson when it comes to VYST!

Good luck to you all, whatever stock(s) you are in this week! I hope you have a great week, a Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope SBES and VYST offer you an opportunity for one crazy azz shopping spree on Black Friday!

VYST & SBES as of 24NOV2019

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