Wine, Running, Rock, and VYST

Vineyard Runs and Rock Shows

Hello everyone and I hope all is well!! I am a week behind with my travel memories here. My Chromebook fell off my chair one too many times and I hosed the screen! Oh well!! I will try to recount the weekend before last to the best of my ability! Because, it was FREAKING AWESOME!!

Friday was laid back and Saturday morning I just did some random chores and van prep. Then, around 2PM I hit the road for 30+ hours of fun and adventure!

Chateau Bu-De Winery Run

I have competed in numerous 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons, etc over the years. Each event has its own unique memory. My memory of this run was, “HOLY ********** ****”!!!!! it was HOT, it was HILLY, and the views were SPECTACULAR. Would I do it again next year? OF COURSE!!!! It was a really good time!! The medal was cool! The souvenir wine glass was awesome!! The wine was delicious!! And, check out this sunset!! This is not my photo, it is from the race website! But, it is spectacular!!

Sunset at Chateau Bu-De Winery.
Sunset at Chateau Be-De Winery
Photo Credit <HERE>

After the race, we headed to the super cool restrooms for a disgusting “bath” using baby wipes and cold water! We had a rock n roll show to catch and not enough time to find an actual shower. Oh well, the van life demands concessions!

More More More at the Chesapeake Inn

So, we haul van azz from the winery about 15 minutes down the road to the Chesapeake Inn Restaurant and Marina in BEAUTIFUL Chesapeake City, MD. Our mission was food, drink, and a great 80s cover band named “More More More“. I can’t say enough about the food and the drinks and the atmosphere and the views. The place is awesome and the views of the water are worth the drive from anywhere! The food was FREAKING DELICIOUS!! I had some kind of a crab melt thing on texas toast….I am not big on eating bread, but I knew I would be drinking a lot……that mean was DELICIOUS! Every bite!!

The drinks? Maaaaaan….. Literal BUCKETS of booze and they were refreshing and potent!! 🙂 The bartender guys were swamped, but got to you asap!! Could NOT have had a better experience!!

Oh yeah….gotta valet park…apparently, parking is a premium in Chesapeake City. The valets were awesome! OR, you can bring your boat….I saw huge boats and john boats. Just GET there and eat, drink, and ROCK!

As far as the band, MORE MORE MORE. I have seen them before and they were part of the reason we set out on this particular adventure. The singer is a good dude with a great voice. Guitar guy can shred. Bass player is an awesome dude! Drummer…is a drummer!! 🙂 Set list was great! I like more ROCK than POP, so if I hear some GNR and MOTLEY CRUE, I am a happy ( van) camper!

All in all, a GREAT night at the Chesapeake Inn and with MORE MORE MORE!

Continuing to ROCK on Sunday!

Normally on Sunday, I don’t do ANYTHING. What a WASTE of a day!! I have started to do more more more on Sunday. ( Pun intended! )

So, Saturday night we get a hotel room. I know, I am supposed to be a van camper, but my A/C on the van was hosed at this point and we needed to cool down and chill. ( A/C is fixed now BTW! )

Have a fun Saturday night, a Cracker Barrel breakfast, and head to The Crazy Tuna Bar and Grill to see our favorite band.. THE REGAN YEARS ! We had never been to The Crazy Tuna before so we had no idea what to expect. Well, AGAIN, it was GREAT! By boat or by car or by van you can arrive. They had a good parking lot there and even a shuttle if a 100 yard walk was too much for you! BEAUTIFUL WEATHER. I didn’t eat here, but the drinks were delicious and the bartenders were super friendly!

We got there about 3 hours before the show, so we drank, talked, mingled, and looked around. When it was show time, boy did The Regan Years put on a SHOW!! I have seen this band “NUMEROUS” times and this was one of my FAVORITE shows ever! The set list was dam near perfection!! I mean, they finally sang “Talk Dirty To Me” again after a few years of it missing in action. If you get a chance to see The Reagan Years, I can’t recommend it enough! It’s ALWAYS a great show. This show just happened to be one of my all time favorites!

Van Update

I bought this 2007 Honda Odyssey for about 10K. ( Less than 85K miles) I have put a little money into it since the purchase. I had to basically have them install a whole new A/C. It was leaking in multiple spots and <blah blah blah> something with compressor. Whatever. I usually am anti-AC, but I figured I would be comfortable when needed.

I also bought the recommended battery pack –> DieHard 1150

This baby is GREAT! Thanks to the for the tip! I have a fan that is just good enough to keep me comfortable when I want to lay down in the back and catch a nap. The battery lasted a pretty long time and that was better than I expected. It does NOT come with all the gadgets needed to charge in your car. So, I just take it to my garage and use a nice size extension cord to get it juiced up! Make sure to charge for 36 hours or so on initial charge. It may say 100%, but apparently, leave it plugged in for a day or so before initial use!

Penny Stock Home Run Picks

Shewww boy….dam….ouch….WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Luckily, I am not impatient and am not in need of my penny stock play money. VYST was getting manipulated down so far, I said bleep it. I bought MORE MORE MORE, pun intended. And I SOLD all my other plays just to buy MORE VYST. I am like a POOKIE in New Jack City…. that sht be calling me man!!! The below GIF is a representation of me logging into my trading account and trying to NOT buy more VYST …and failing.


I have to say, I believe 100% in the Rotman family and VYST. The price per share is getting hammered, but all of the positive things you look for in an INVESTMENT are RIGHT THERE. I don’t know the hold up on positive share price action, but I am here and waiting for the good time!!

You can see from the photo below, using a basic calculator, that my accountant would poo his pants if he saw me sticking around here. BUT, YOU GOTTA BELIVE!!! And when it comes to $VYST , I am –> ??????

My Penny Stock Home Run Picks….I am at a full count right now facing Randy Johnson in his prime….Let’s GO ROTMAN family !

I have had another weekend since this kick azz weekend and will post soon! I guess my goal is to hike the entire C&O Canal Path. had a good start this past Sunday. Loving this van and the flexibility it provides when I am on the road. A good, comfortable 20 minute nap can NOT be beat and is a tremendous help to keeping the day going!

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