Beauty Is In the Eye of the VYST Holder

To the average penny stock investor, $VYST looks like a giant POS. Went up to .15 and, more or less, has plummeted to .02. Yet, here I am, buying more every week or so! Although I do fully believe in VYST and the Rotmans, this is an actual video of me looking at the chart since the end of August or so:

Even though the price per share is falling like Enron after a Ken Lay “rah rah” meeting, I am still feeling GOOD! WHY? Why the hell am I feeling good looking at *THIS* :

Not the stuff of “champagne wishes and caviar dreams”

I will tell you why I am feeling good! Because I love a great UNDERDOG story! As I am originally from Alabama, do you think I am fan of Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide and their never-ending string of national championships? HELL NO!! I am an AUBURN TIGERS fan!! WAR DAM EAGLE!

It’s *EASY* to be a BAMA fan. You just sit back and collect rings and complain about the refs when you lose. To be an Auburn fan, you KNOW things will NOT be easy and when you FINALLY ( thank you Cam Newton) reach the mountaintop it is the sweetest feeling one can ever experience.

This underdog mentality has me truly rooting for the Rotman family and everyone who owns shares in VYST. Personally, I have been saving and investing for 20+ years so I don’t need this to be a success, I *WANT* it to be a success.

The products are of high quality. The insiders are buying shares and holding. Never a recorded share sold by an insider. So, what’s the problem? Why the share price freefall? Hell if I know, to be honest. Is it just the late/delayed filing of the Super 8K? The price was trending down even before the Super 8K was late. And every other filing only brought on a slight increase followed by downward movement.

Well, here I am; buying 10K more shares today. (Wanted to buy 25K more, but stupidly didn’t click “All or None” when I made a change to my order! )

I have told many people about VYST and have looked like a fool as the price plummeted, but I am still, to steal a phrase from today, ADAMANT, that once the filings are in place and the business is able to move forward as a fully SEC-compliant and up to date entity, we will ROCK AND ROLL!

For a non-emotional and more fact-based reasoning for VYST success read this GREAT POST! Even though most IHUB posters are despicable scumbags, there are a few out there who are rational.


So, I wish you all the best of luck! I am very excited about our prospects as patient and steadfast VYST investors. I have made some cash dabbling in penny stocks as a “flipper” and it’s fun. But *THIS*, to me, is one hell of an exciting adventure! Way better than buying and selling something in the span of a few minutes or hours. THIS is something, that when it comes to fruition, I can ENJOY the delayed gratification with a heaping helping of “I TOLD YOU SO” to pass out to people who don’t believe in me and/or VYST.

You would be surprised at how many people bitch about everything yet take no action to improve their station in life. Penny Stocks are ONE OPTION folks can pursue to achieve a better life. VYST just happens to be the one I found, researched, invested in, and believe in! The number one rule seems to be DO NOT BECOME EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED TO A STOCK. Well, too bad, VYST and me are going to succeed together; or Steve Rotman and I will have a beer together one day wondering where it all went wrong! 🙂

My VYST holdings! I hope to increase ASAP!

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