Rockin, Rolling Down the Highway, and VYST

Too Much Time on My Hands

I have been so busy I haven’t had a chance to record anything for my future reference! This blog is for me to reflect upon, but I always enjoy anyone else sharing!! I definitely don’t have “TOO MUCH TIME ON MY HANDS“, but I had a lot of fun and excitement the past two weeks or so!

This will be a very condensed post about a LOT of stuff!! Brevity isn’t my strong point, but I will try..

17OCT2019 – Drive from Baltimore to Warrendale, PA to see Tom Keifer in concert at Jergels. The VIP was the best of the four we attended and the show was AMAZING! We were front row and literally had to LEAN BACK when Tom was leaning IN to the audience to rock out! It was awesome. Best food was a place in Hancock, MD., call “Park and Dine“. BEST chopped steak I have tasted in my life!

Tom Keifer at Jergels
I had to zoom *OUT* to take this photo!! GREAT VENUE!
Other than being a Steelers fan, Tony Higbee is one BAD MFer. The embodiment of ROCK N ROLL!

Florida Bound

After this awesome show, we spent the night in Warrendale and headed back to Baltimore. I heard from my son ( in the Air Force ) on the way home and he sounded like he missed his old man! So, I swung by the house in Baltimore and immediately hit the road for Eglin Air Force base in Destin, Fl. All was well until my alternator/power steering pooped out in Montgomery, Alabama. I drove a bit further, in a raging monsoon, and made it to Greenville, AL.

It was Saturday afternoon. NO ONE was going to be fixing this car any time soon!! Son picked me up, spent a few days more than expected in Florida, and was able to pick up the Honda Odyssey on Wed for the trip back to Maryland. The Harmonic Balancer failed on my car…I think….20 minute fix once they had a chance to look at the car. GREAT food in Florida….especially –> TIJUANA FLATS . DAM!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Back to Maryland in time for 2 Halloween shows for our favorite local band. We had some cool costumes and had a LOT of fun with a LOT of drinking!! I could write a lot more about this, but I promised to be brief today! 🙂

After a week of work, went to Leesburg, VA for the night for some food and drink! I finally have a NON positive food review! This place in Leesburg called “Delerium“. I can’t say anything was terrible, it just wasn’t for me. Shepherd’s Pie with no mashed potatoes and giant pastry on top. NOT what I was expecting, but MY FAULT for not reading the menu. It jut wasn’t MY kind of place. GREAT TACO/MARGARITA place next door to the Tally Ho Theater though!! I think it’s called Cocina on Market. DAM GOOD!!

Penny Stock Home Run Play

My $VYST as of 4NOV2019 at 0900. Simple math will tell you this –> OUCH! lol

Well, if $VYST is my PENNY STOCK HOME RUN PLAY, call me Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles because I am SWINGING and MISSING! *BUT*, all of the positives with this company are still in play and I actually just bought a little more on Friday. Hey, in for a penny, in for a pound(ing). All kinds of financials are due ASAP and could ignite some positive PPS movement!!

Me watching my VYST throughout the day hoping for GREEN!

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