“You just don’t know what you was missin’ last night” and VYST fun!

Another Night of Rockin`

I am pooped! The night before last I was out LATE and UP early. Yesterday on little sleep, I headed in to work (briefly) and then out to the van for a second day of tailgating and rocking out!

BBQ, Potato Salad, and Wine are all in this pic somewhere!

This time was at Merriweather Post Pavilion and it was really good!! I have been here numerous times, but yesterday was able to experience the “SKY LAWN“. It was really cool and the view to the stage was spectacular!!

Joan Jett freaking TORE IT UP! I loved every second she was on stage. I believe she is 60 years old and she still looks fabulous and her energy level is that of a pre-teen in a Red Bull factory!! She WOW`ed me and the entire crowd!

Heart… Ann and Nancy Wilson both sound as powerful as ever! The set list wasn’t *MY* personal favorite, but to each his own!

The Van

If I knew how much fun you could have in and with a mini van ( without the kids around) I would have bought one so long ago. Just the ability to go hard, nap somewhere comfortable, and then pick it up again is priceless! I had the windows heavily tinted so I *TRY* to find a shady spot, but if not, we can be in the middle of a busy parking lot with the A/C going and sleeping like a baby! Who knew? I am about to be in my mid-40s, I should be buying a Porsche, but I have embraced every aspect of this Honda Odyssey life! I plan to put AT LEAST 200K more miles on it and have many rocking adventures over the next few years. And then, MAYBE, MAYYYYBE….a Porsche!! 😉

Portable Power for Van

This baby has been indespensible to me so far! I was able to keep everyone’s phone charged up, keep my bluetooth speaker charged up, and have some peace of mind that I could jump start the van if I kept the doors open too long or some other battery draining fiasco. ( I have been there and it isn’t fun! LOL ) You may not want THIS ONE, but something like this is so convenient to have with you to keep the party going!

Penny Stock Home Run Play

Nothing to do with this, but rely on the obvious positives in the company! Patents, infrastructure, insiders holding all of their shares, competent leadership, and a host of other quality tidbits you can learn about with some research into the corporation!! I am absolutely positive this stock will take off. Sooner, rather than later, I hope!!

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