Rock-N-Roll and BBQ

OK…another short post due to, “I am tired as a MoFo!” Jiffy Lube Live is a bit out of the way for a concert venue, but well worth the drive!! (Well, out of the way depending on your origination point!)

Left work early and headed out that way!! We wanted to park early and tailgate for a few hours before the show. OOOPS….you can’t even freaking PARK until 6PM for an 8PM show! Never fear… and the Honda Odyssey are all about adjusting plans on the fly! Come to find out, there was a little park less than a mile from Jiffy Lube Live. We rolled right in there and set up our tailgating fun! Smoked chicken, pulled pork, sides, and lots of wine! I used my old checklist to make this party go off without a hitch!!!

Idol and Adams

Billy Idol

So, why was I at Jiffy Lube Live on a Monday night at 8 pm? Well, Billy FREAKING Idol and Bryan Awesome Adams!! I saw Bryan Adams last year at “WolfTrap” and he rocked! But, I was on the lawn and couldn’t see anything! (Although WolfTrap is a great spot, I was in a bad place for the show!) For this show I wanted lawn, but it wasn’t on sale so I bought some cheap seats.

Billy Idol did NOT mess around or disappoint. He actually started playing a bit BEFORE 8PM. Fine with me, I have a long drive home!! Kicked it off with “Dancing With Myself“, which is my personal Idol favorite. I see an 80s band a LOT who plays “Rebel Yell” and we do the “DO YOU FEEL ALRIGHT?” –> “I FEEL ALRIGHT” thing. To actually have that back and forth “moment” with Billy Idol was something I will never forget!! He is still bringing it after all these years!

Bryan Adams

Did you now that Bryan Adams has a kick azz cult following and dedicated, huge fan base? I love Bryan Adams’ music and I had no idea. The crowd was crazy for him all night! He opened songs letting the crowd sing the entire intro! It was really freaking cool! He put on an amazing show and was really a funny dude! At the end of the night the crowd was going crazy for him and he was like, “Hey, I have 14 albums! I can stay here all night!”

My personal favorite song is “RUN TO YOU” followed closely by “Summer of 69“. There is a line in RUN TO YOU that I always loved, :

“I know her love is true,
but it’s so dam easy makin’ love to you!”

I always loved that line without paying attention to what it actually said. OH, he’s cheating on his woman with you and is running to you! OH!!! Great freaking song and I highly recommend listening and loving it!

The show was amazing and I always find it to be more enjoyable when the crowd just absolutely goes bonkers over the artist. And this was on display last night when Bryan Adams was on stage. ( With his band, who completely rocked out!)

Heading Home

Leaving Jiffy Lube’s parking lot could be a LOT worse. But they get you OUT of there in an expedient manner! I was on the highway about 15 minutes after the end of the show. The drive home was long. Especially after a day of eating, drinking, partying, and rocking. ( Followed by hours of NOT drinking! 😉 )

Hit the bed by about 0145EST, up at 0600, at work at 0700, leaving out for HEART and JOAN JETT and 1500.

This van has been so awesome for making our concert trips more enjoyable for sleeping if needed, transporting friends, loading up food n drink, and riding in comfort.

More tomorrow about tonight’s show!! Tailgating again and it’s SO COOL that there are predictions for thunderstorms and possible tornados!! HOW METAL!! 😉

Heart is the closing act, but I am excited for Joan Jett…..for OBVIOUS reasons!!!

Joan Jett, kicks MUCH AZZ and I can’t wait to see her. Much like my luck with Billy Idol, I have always missed her when she’s been in the area. Can’t wait for tonight. WEATHER BE DAMNED!!!

Penny Stock Home Run Plays

As you know…I sold ALL my other penny stock plays to grab as much VYST as possible. I still thinks it’s a wise and solid move. But yesterday was a kick in the shorts! But, luckily, I was drinking and rocking so the pain was numbed a bit!! I can’t imagine this stock and this company NOT achieving great success. It’s just ALL THERE to take off. IN MY OPINION!!

You can do the math and see that I have more faith than money right now!! lol

$VYST as of 13AUG2019 @ 0900HRS EST

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