Road Trip to Hopewell and Positive VYST News



Headed to Hopewell, VA., to see yet another concert by Tom Keifer. I won’t go into detail about that again, because it was just another amazing show that will rock your socks off!! If you want to relive how great it was, READ HERE. The Beacon Theater in Hopewell is really nice!! An old theater with lots of character and kick azz acts year round!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

HUGE shout out to “Kevin” who works for Tom Keifer as the Meet&Greet coordinator and other duties as assigned. What a great and awesome dude he was to us and we will be MEETING & GREETING again in Leesburg,VA!

This was a quick trip. Aside from the great time with Tom Keifer and the Keifer Band here are the highlights of the trip to Hopewell. This will be brief and I apologize. I am prepping the van for a trip to Jiffy Lube Live to see Billy Idol and Bryan Adams tonight!! DO YOU FEEL ALRIGHT?? I FEEL ALRIGHT!!


Tix, corks, Tom keifer, and good times!
How was our night? Pretty….pretty…good!!

Late Lunch — The Boathouse in Hopewell, VA. REALLY good food and the cocktails were interesting!! 🙂 Victoria’s Secret Crush was delicious!!

Breakfast – Dixie Restaurant in Petersburg,VA. I would like to type more about this, but let me just tell you, I have never had friendlier service or more delicious food in my life. Due to my exposure to the best biscuits ever in Alabama growing up, I am a bit of a biscuit snob ….and these biscuits were PHENOMENAL!! I had eggs, va ham, grits, and pancakes. The grits were PERFECTION!! I can’t say enough about how amazing this place was and I was one full and happy (van) camper when I left!!

Side Trip — Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden — Nice side trip to see flowers, bees, butterflies, and other……STUFF. Nice walk after driving 3 hours!!

Side Trip #2 — Petersburg National Battlefield — Very interesting!! If nothing else, you should read about “the crater”. Crazy sht during war times!! I was stationed here in Fort Lee back in the mid-90s and never really appreciated any of this!! Stupid young me trying to party all the time!! 😉

Beautiful Van Camp Spot

When I got back to Maryland, I didn’t feel like watching TV because Friday was BEAUTFUL!! So, I gassed up the ole Odyssey and looked on the website HIPCAMP.COM . Apparently, you can rent a piece of land for the night to camp….it’s AIR BNB people who want to sleep out doors!! Really cool. I was super lucky because the place I chose was the most beautiful and peaceful place I have ever visited in Maryland. The beauty was unreal!! The people were friendly! The solitude was welcome!!!

Rainbow's End via HIPCAMP.COM - No Editing!  Just a camera pic!
Rainbow’s End via HIPCAMP.COM – No Editing! Just a camera pic!

Penny Stock Home Run Plays

As you know, I sold everything else to load up on $VYST. Last week was a good week for us VYST longs!! Let’s see what happens this week! Financials released? PRs ? We need info, revenue, and bottles of Cristal!!

$VYST as of 1030EST on 12AUG2019

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