Hiking, Rocking, Hiking Again, and MORE VYST

Hiking and Rocking and VYST (AGAIN!)

Good morning to all!! Another fun weekend in the Honda Odyssey! No longer am I watching marathons of Law & Order or killer shows on the ID Channel! I am OUT and ABOUT and it is great!

Rocks State Park

On the way to Pennsylvania to catch a killer rock show by Tom Keifer, former front man for classic 80s band Cinderella, we stopped to hike to the “King and Queen Seat” at Rock State Park. It was a very short hike from the park office to the “King and Queen Seat”, but it was fairly steep. Especially since we were wearing shoes suitable for ROCKING and not ROCK CLIMBING!! 😉 But, it was very nice up there…..as is my luck, my breath-taking view looked like this:

Foggy view from The King and Queen Seat at Rocks State Park
Foggy view from The King and Queen Seat at Rocks State Park

Of course!! I hike up this local Mount Kilimanjaro to see… FOG! lol it was cool though!! We had a fun time and got a litle exercise before driving the rest of the way to PA!

Glenside, PA and The Keswick Theater

I don’t know if you have ever driven on 95/495/476/etc between Baltimore, Deleware and Philly….but you better tighten your seat belt and have your head on the swivel!

When we mercifully arrive safely in Glenside, Pa., we enter a world that seems secluded from the rest of the crazy GO GO surroundings from where we just exited! The Keswick area where the theater is located is FREAKING AWESOME! The beauty of the van is that we had a chance to park, grab a small bite to eat, and lay down in the van to chill for a bit! I LOVE THIS VAN!

We ate a small meal at HUMPTY’S DUMPLINGS, had an old fashioned ice cream at The Weldon Soda Fountain, and then a couple of drinks at The Keswick Tavern. Every place was off the charts friendly. The drinks were strong! The ice cream was tasty. The dumplings were DELICIOUS!

After all that, we got a chance to MEET & GREET with THE MAN himself, TOM FREAKING KEIFER! Sound check was AWESOME! A killer sax player came out to work on his role in “Shelter Me”. Which, you don’t know, but Shelter Me was my personal intro to Cinderella. I love that song!! To hear them do it live with the sax was kick azz!!

The meet & greet was great! I think this was our 10th time Meeting and Greeting!! He has no idea who we are, but we love to support his road show! What a great dude!! After meet & greet, utilize the van again for a quick, cool nap to prep for the actual show!

As you may know, we like to eat….so we grabbed a burger at The Bullseye Burger House. The beauty of this day was that EVERYTHING was within a 3 minute walk of everything else. For a night of rocking and eating and drinking, it is THE PERFECT LOCATION!

Next Stop::::::

Keswick Theater Glenside, PA  Tom Keifer Show 2AUG2019
Keswick Theater Glenside, PA Tom Keifer Show 2AUG2019


All I can say about the show is….. FREAKING AWESOME!! The guitarist, Tony Higbee is just fcking PHENOMENAL! He looks like Tony Hawk, is more handsome than Tony Danza, and plays better than <insert some great guitar player named Tony here>!!!

Kendra Chantelle is an animated, wonderful singer and it’s great to see her perform with TK when not pursuing other interests! Beauty, brains, interesting Twitter feed, and a wonderful voice. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT, PEOPLE?!?!? 🙂 🙂

Billy Mercer ….he’s slapping that bass and swinging hammers …..and apparently he is excellent at both trades!! Interesting fella!! 🙂

The rest of the band is amazing and works together to create one heck of a show!! The set list was the best I have heard in all of my MANY MANY visits to a Tom Keifer show. A perfect mix of the classics and the new stuff! I would like a little more from “The Way Life Goes”, but hey, that’s just me! I thought that album was one of the best solo projects I have ever heard! love EVERY TRACK!

More #KeiferBand

We are heading to Hopewell, VA., to the classic looking Beacon Theater to see the band again this Thursday. A little Meet & Greet…a little food and wine…a lotta ROCK N ROLL! Can’t wait to load up the van and head south!! Also, we are looking forward to the release of Tom Keifer’s new album, “RISE”. TK has released a video for one single, “The Death of Me” and it’s a good song with a moving video!! Hearing the title track “RISE” live was mind blowing. After all these years, Tom Keifer’s voice is still the best in the business and very moving and powerful. *LOVE* the song “RISE” and can’t wait for everyone to hear it and love it like we do!



OK…..I went on and on about the KeiferBand more than I planned…but DAM, it was a great show and he is one helluva performer!!

Hiking the C&O Canal

I hiked from POINT OF ROCKS to the Monocacy Aqueduct. Don’t mind the 6.5 miles hike….I just hate hiking BACK. In a perfect world, I could hike a loop or hike 13 miles in one direction and then have a ride back to my car. BUT, I have NO COMPLAINTS. It was a beautiful day and the hike inspired me to do the entire C&O Canal path….eventually!! Not all at once!! 🙂

Monocacy Aqueduct
Monocacy Aqueduct

If you don’t know anything about the C&O Canal….. <READ HERE> . Very interesting part of American history. We did some crazy sht in the past to move people and good across the country! I would elaborate more on my hike, but I overdid the Keifer writing and you are probably bored now, if you made it this far!! This is really for me to look back on one day, but maybe someone else will enjoy as well!

Penny Stock Home Run Plays

Hell yeah!! VYST had a nice 7% increase yesterday!! That means nothing for today, but it help me sleep better! All of my other penny stock plays have been liquidated and ALL CAPITAL has been moved to VYST. (Reminder…I have actual saving and investments elsewhere….this is play money! ) I am hoping the sell off has ended, the press releases are coming, the potential is realized, and I turn my modest investment into a mortgage free life!! 🙂 🙂

Real time update… down 5% this AM!! The dream is still alive !! VYST

Good luck to you all!! Invest, travel, and rock out!!! I recommend this particular rocking out schedule if you can make it —> <ROCK OUT WITH TOM KEIFER>

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