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Gilligan’s Pier in Newbury, MD

Bored on Saturday after a day of errands and necessary adult tasks, we were itching to get the Odyssey gassed up and on the road! We checked out the schedule for local bands and if there were any new venues. The Reagan Years were going to be at a place in Newbury, MD., called Gilligan’s Pier. Target acquired and we hit the road!


We had never been to Gilligan’s before so we didn’t know what to expect. Sitting right on the mighty Potomac river we knew the views would be spectacular and we were 100% right about that!! A lovely drive down 301 and then off a side road the rest of the way. Saw an interesting historical marker regarding John Wilkes Booth. I think it was the route he took to the Mudd House. But, you can GOOGLE all of that!

We were the well before the show so we had really good parking! The point of the van is to have fun, so we turned up the A/C, hopped in the back, and enjoyed a bottle of wine and some alone time before heading to the show! (Tinted windows are a must of van partying! )

The service and the food and the drinks were spectacular. The security manning the beach for the outside music show, they were kind of jerks, but with security guards, you never know their demeanor. Best to AVOID AT ALL COSTS! 🙂 (No offense to the nice ones out there! )

The band kicked azz all night! 3 really good sets from 9 PM until about 0130. The local crowd was kind of blah and just sitting! We, on the other hand, had a great time singing along and enjoying the music and dancing. Only sitting during set breaks. There were really cool picnic tables IN THE WATER, but we never made it out there to take advantage! Sticking to the outside bar and the (plentiful ) chairs provided.

Driving back to the Baltimore area (65miles or so) that late was a task! I would have preferred to just “stealth camp” somewhere in the area, but we had early Sunday morning commitments. Better to get home ASAP and drag @zz in the morning. Which is exactly what happened!

Nothing beats a fun road trip with a beautiful woman, great music, delicious food, cold drinks, and a few hours to enjoy life with no cares except the next song!

Penny Stock Home Run Plays

VYST as of 1SEP2019 at 1700HRS EST
VYST as of 1SEP2019 at 1700HRS EST

Nice movement on VYST this past week. Multiple tweets from the company about products, partners, shares, plans, and general information to swat away multiple negative implications from online “bashers”. Also, a good humanitarian tweet offering support for those caught up in Hurrican Dorian.

I picked up about 30K more shares this past week and, who knows, maybe more shares later this week. The current theory is that the post-Labor Day stock market will ramp up and more people will take notice that VYST is a company with actual assets and infrastructure and worth an investment! If I were a savvy businessman with an eye for stocks with huge growth potential, I would be zeroing in on VYST!!

Lovey!! What’s my E*Trade Password?

Well, happy Labor Day to you all!! Best of luck the rest of 2019 in all of your life, financial, and especially VYST adventures! I have full faith in the Rotman family and look forward to the upcoming roller coaster of emotion!

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