Financial Decision for Van Dwelling

401K Loan? Why not…

A 401K LOAN? ARE YOU MAD?!?!?!? That’s what I said to MYSELF when I contemplated this course of action! I have spent 20+ years investing in a very disciplined manner with an eye on retirement. Well, now I am 42 and all of my kids are in college or in the military. Am I supposed to wait 20-ish more years to touch my money and enjoy it? That was the plan. This will NOT be my reality. ( This particular 401K is only a few years old….my main investments and nest egg are in an IRA that is the result of other saving and rolled over 401Ks from the past….so I am not tapping into my MAIN retirement income source.)

SO, after an adulthood of saving and swearing I would NEVER TOUCH THIS MONEY… I finally came to my senses. I took out a 32K 401K loan. I am buying a sweet 2007 Honda Odyssey (TOURING), putting some aside for my son’s 2019/2020 college tuition, and putting the rest aside for WHATEVER THE F*** I WANT. ( This *WILL* include seeing Tom Keifer in concert multiple times this summer! )

I got the Touring because I will not be a 100% van dweller! I will be in there as much as possible, but will convert it to a family mobile when needed. And, it only had 80K miles on it, I couldn’t resist!

I will pick up the van on 10 or 11 JULY 2019. I can’t wait. I already have an 80s show lined up in VA and a great place in MD to check out some primitive camping and hiking!!

Penny Stock Home Run Pick Status

As far as my penny stocks….thankfully I have a money manager handling my actual investments! LOL! Just joking! Things aren’t rosy for my PENNY STOCK HOME RUN PICKS right now….but thankfully I am buying them for the slow burn, big explosion potential!

Currently I am holding this in my penny stock account:

  • CUBV – 111111 @ $0.0009
  • PWDY – 76923 @ $0.0013
  • VYST – 216396 @ $0.0573

    These purchase prices reflect a real kick in the pants relative to current prices…but, hopefully, VYST will pay off. I really like what’s happening with mergers, research, products, and the CEO bringing it all together. The other two are strictly $100.00 lotto tickets that I bought. This Friday or next I will add another to the list, possibly VRUS. If you do proper due diligence and have patience, I feel like these will bear fruit for me in the future. As I said, I don’t NEED them, I would just like to have a string of these lined up hoping for a POP! Not the best strategy, but I am bored with life and looking for stuff to do!! Hence the van and the penny stocks! 🙂

I don’t know if anyone is reading this, but I have been devouring other van dwelling blogs, so I wanted to document my thoughts and my particular plan for anyone else out there looking to do something cool!! You can always email me ar BRIAN@KINETICINCLINE.COM

I have purchased a few things for my van and I will cover them when they arrive. VERY minimalist. I am not going to wood panel the back of an Odyssey!! I just want to be able to drive, sleep comfortably, and experience life outside of these gotdam cubicle walls!!

Good luck in the market! Good luck with your van! And make sure you enjoy life! Who the fck wants to be 60 with 5 million and no memories? I almost waited too long to realize that I need to use some of this NOW just in case I don’t even MAKE IT TO 60!

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