Birthday in St Michaels and VYST is Moving

Had a great birthday weekend away from the old Internet and enjoying some of the NON-BALTIMORE areas of Maryland. I love this van and all the flexibility it provides when seeing this great country!

Very interesting story about the War of 1812 and St. Michaels.

St Michaels and the Carpenter Street Saloon

We always head to the Carpenter Street Saloon in St. Michaels, MD., when we have special days to celebrate! Birthdays, Opening Day, Sick of Work Day, Concerts, etc! The food is delicious and the portions are huge!! The mimosas are the best in the USA!! No little mimosa glass here!! NO, SIR!! BIG GLASS MUG OF MIMOSA! It’s the best and that ALONE is worth the drive over the Bay Bridge! The manager and the staff are the most welcoming and nice people you could ever ask to meet. They always embrace us ( literally ) when we show up for a morning of booze, food, and rocking the jukebox!

We walked around a bit, but it was kind of cloudy. I snapped a few photos and got the heck out of there. If you ever want to go to St Michaels I have some great recommendations for you. They are as follows:

Plenty of other delicious places and touristy things to do, but these are our favorites!

The Big Owl Tiki Bar

Heading back towards the bridge there are plenty of unique places to stop for a drink in the Grasonville, MD, area. One of our favorite spots is The Big Owl Tiki Bar. It’s RIGHT on the water and the drinks are strong and the food is good! No food this time, just a couple of drinks! It was POURING rain, but really nice to sit under the cover and watch the rain hit the water! Also cool to see the boats escaping the rain and the drawbridge going up and down to let people pass!!


So, after the Big Owl we were a little tired, but not ready to go home. We went down the road a bit to the Kentmorr Restaurant & Marina. We had eaten here before, but we had it to go. Stopping in for a bite to eat was the next plan of action! Another beautiful place on the water that can’t be beat!

Before eating we decided to have a little nap! I LOVE THIS VAN! With the windows tinted it’s nice and dark in the back and with the rain coming down it was a perfect opportunity to lay down, listen to the rain, and zonk out for a bit!

A futon mattress and a sleeping bag
A futon mattress and a sleeping bag = zzzzzz

This mattress is the best for napping!! We zonked out for about 90 minutes!! The rain and the water and the boats were very relaxing! After we woke up and got ourselves together, we headed in for some food!!

Mattress link in case you are a van camper! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Dirty Dave’s Island Tiki Bar

Even though we were at the Kentmorr, I guess technically the bar is called “Dirty Dave’s”. The happy hour specials were really good!! The bar was very nice, right on the water, looking out over a marina. The locals were there and enjoying and we had a few drinks and some food!! For less than $60 we shared a DELICIOUS cheeseburger, one of the BEST crabcakes I have ever tasted, a killer freaking pizza, and about 5 mixed drinks! You can’t BEAT that!! I can’t stress enough how delicious all of the food turned out! NOT your average bar food by any measure!

Dirty Dave's Island Tiki Bar
Dirty Dave’s Island Tiki Bar

After that, we called it a day and headed back to “home base”. A really great Friday birthday celebration! Especially after last weekend’s b-day kickoff!!

Penny Stock Home Run Play

As you know…I am ALL IN with VYST and Vystar Corporation ! Lots of positive news coming out this past week with some extra good info to rebuff some claims of people who are not to keen on the stock! I have full faith in the Rotman leadership to make this baby GO!

VYST as of 26AUG2019 at 1000HRS EST

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