2500 miles and 20% VYST Increase

Road Trip!

After an entire week of van ownership and some needed maintenance, I was prepped for road trip #1. I was also hoping that we would FINALLY get some news on my pet penny stock project, VYST.

I used to love to drive at night, but I am getting older and driving at night is getting tough! So, I left Maryland around 1100HRS EST on Tuesday and aimed the Odyssey to the southern USA! My first destination was Eglin Air Force Base to see my son graduate from his “tech school”. From MD to Eglin it is approx 15+ hours. NOT a problem in my younger days. But, these days, only in an emergency situation!

Sweet Home (EUFAULA) Alabama

We got pretty far and decided to stop in the little town of Eufaula, Al. I was pretty excited as this would be my first “Stealth Camping” test run. Nothing major in mind other than stopping, sleeping, and getting back on the road. I pulled in to Lakepoint State Park right off of 431S and just parked and snoozed! It was WONDERFUL! What a beautiful place! Nothing fancy for us this night. We slept, we woke, and we left the park before any questions were asked! ( BIG PLUS was getting drinks and food at The Blue Moon further down the road in Eufaula! )

Eglin AFB was about a 2.5 hour drive from Eufaula, AL. Very beautiful country scenery. We even saw the site of the National Peanut Festival. We did all of our meeting and greeting and graduating at the AFB and then we hit the beach for 2 days! No van dwelling as we had about 10 people total to entertain. So we got a sweet room on the beach and had some adult fun for a couple of nights!!

Fort Walton Beach ( Okaloosa Island )
View from the hotel room on Okaloosa Island. Water was WARM! No sharks!

We left Florida and decided to head back to Eufaula! Lakepoint State Park had cabins for rent by the water so we decided to stop there for the night to eat, drink, and prepare for the trip back to Maryland. The cabins were VERY NICE! We bought a big family platter of food from Phil’s BBQ. HOLEE WOW! The pulled pork, chopped chicken, sauces, and sides were freaking AMAZING! Definitely a big hit with the entire family!

My plate on the table behind the cabin.
The view behind our cabin at Lakepoint State Park in Eufaula, Alabama. My plate was full, but lonely until others were coming out!
Leaving Eufaula on the way back to Maryland.
State line between Georgetown, GA, and Eufaula, AL, on the Chattahoochee River.

Heading Home

We left Lakepoint after a fun night of eating and drinking and hanging out with family. I didn’t want to take the same route home, so I decided to take some back Georgia roads to Augusta, GA and then catch 20 and 95 back to MD.

This was a really beautiful drive and I was able to skip Atlanta which is ALWAYS a PLUS. By the time I hit 95N I was getting sleepy. If I were alone, I would have pulled the van off somewhere, grabbed a steak dinner, and slept the night away. BUT, this was a family trip so I had to be more considerate.

Fayetteville Fun

Luckily my brother-in-law lives in Fayetteville, North Carolina and he loves visitors. We made sure it was OK to spend the night and we crashed in Fayetteville for the night. A little dinner and drinks and talking before bedtime. I wanted to get up at 0400 to get back to MD, but, surprisingly, his couch was SUPER COMFORTABLE. So, I slept until 0500 before getting everyone up and moving. All they had to do was wake up and stumble to the van, so I am not sure why they were complaining! 🙂

Great drive home in the Odyssey! The ride was quiet and the XM radio played hilarious Howard Stern bits from the past. Also, I ran into a friend from my flag football days while visiting a North Carolina Rest Area!

Made it home and immediately began to unload the van. We wanted it cleaned out and cleaned up! I want to put about 200K more miles on this baby, so I have to be more vigilant with maintenance than with past vehicles! I loved every second behind the wheel and had a blast with the family. This is the beginning of many wonderful road trips, whether weekend getaways or longer adventures!

Penny Stock HomeRun Picks Update

It was a pretty BLAH week until Friday!! Still no news from VYST, but my other stocks had some updates and some releases. I bought about 80K more shares of VYST this month! According to my math, my holdings will increase approx 3K for every PENNY this stock goes up. Here’s hoping for many pennies!! I also bought into TTCM as my $100.00 every other week lotto play. Below are my current penny stock holdings, it’s ugly, but you gotta have patience! 🙂 ( Also, I have actual, professionally managed savings! This is just an experiment for me! )

21JULY 2019 penny stock status
Penny Stock Portfolio Update

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