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Boredom Leads to Freedom

Tearing my meniscus may be the greatest break of my life! After having knee surgery on 4MARCH2020, I was just lounging around the house and doing NOTHING, but watching Netflix. ( Hustler Sin #1 ! 😉 )

I somehow stumbled on the Twitter feed of Alexander Cortes. I said, “OK, Brian. Let’s follow this guy and get motivated and get your knee *AND* your fat azz back into shape!” Great and motivating newsletter! WAY different than the usual political BLAH BLAH I consumed on Twitter.

So, I thought, if this guy is so awesome, who is HE interacting with. I started to eliminate the NEGATIVE Twitter handles and added more and more of the people on Twitter who were sharing POSITIVE messages and encouraging self-improvement in all areas of life. Finance. Health. Self-Image. Creative Pursuits. Multiple Streams of Income. I love all of these subjects.

One thing led to another suddenly I am seeing that everyone I followed had a product to pitch that was geared toward my new focus on positivity and self-improvement. Most of these products were hosted on something called GUMROAD. GUMROAD? WTF is a GUMROAD? Well, if you don’t know, GUMROAD is a repository of some of the most interesting and actionable information I have ever stumbled across in my life!

I read A LOT! I will read anything! This was an AWESOME find for me. I dabbled in some freebies at first because I wasn’t really LOOKING for anything specific. But, the free stuff kept reeling me in and leading me to OTHER Twitter folks. I found guides on growing your Twitter following and how to write an ebook. Can *I* write an ebook? I didn’t think so before, but *NOW*? Why not ME!?

This ebook is ONE DOLLAR! Great info to get you started on writing your OWN ebook! This is NOT an affiliate link! I just think this book was well written and useful to ME as a potential ebook creator. Click the image above and read immediately!

Spending Like a Drunken Sailor on the Gumroad!

I spent some time in the US Army and I think I drank WAY more than a sailor on shore leave, but that’s an argument for another day! But anyway….once I started buying these ebooks/courses on GUMROAD, I was hooked! I had NO CLUE people were making money on Twitter and GUMROAD and various other avenues. And SIGNIFICANT amounts of money. I have purchased FIFTEEN products on the GUMROAD so far and enjoyed every single one! I haven’t fully digested them all yet, but enough to know that I am moving forward with various experiments to see what really interests me.

After consuming so much information, with much time needed to go back and review and digest and take things from each particular product, I wanted to give my initial reaction to a couple of these products. They really spoke to me and MOTIVATED me to take action and see what *I* can contribute to GUMROAD, the Twitter community, to myself, and my family!

Courses that Inspired Me to Take Action *IMMEDIATELY*

The Art of Flipping / Products for Profits

Coach Joe Hart should be an inspiration to all people who pursue a “side hustle”. He has:

  • built a massive following on Twitter
  • published an awesome ebook to help you get going on eBay
  • his monthly subscription service has so many people the chat room is busy 24×7
  • And whatever else he does all day, including his OWN flipping business

I mean, DAM! This is the definition of a successful “side hustle”. BRA-VO, Coach Joe!

I made over $500 on eBay less than 48 hours after purchasing this course, reading the contents, and taking action on eBay. Click the photo to order the course! This *IS* an affiliate link!
“Products for Profit” is an awesome ongoing information repository and group chat set up by Coach Joe Hart. This is a monthly subscription service that allows access to current info on the hot products moving on eBay. The chat is great and the people are VERY HELPFUL if you are new. Click the photo above to join the chat now and to see current webinars. EXCELLENT VALUE! This *IS* an affiliate link!

I could go on about these two courses and the associated content, but I will let you click around and contact Coach Joe if you want more info! This course is what I recommend for *IMMEDIATE* return on investment. I had over $500 in my PAYPAL account within 48 hours of ordering, reading, and implementing this information. If money talks, then you better listen to Coach Joe!

$100 A Day On Twitter / $200 A Day On Email

Lawrence King is one of those dudes that makes you re-evaluate every decision you have made in life. He has lived all over the world. He has numerous, passive systems in place to keep income flowing. And, as far I know, he currently lives a tax-free life in South America with his dad and all the steak and fine women they both can handle. Hey, Larry… BLEEP YOU! 😉 I mean, CONGRATS!!

What can I say about these courses and other valuable info provided by Lawrence on Twitter. They are a GOLD MINE of info that *YOU* can use to produce income in a short amount of time.

The “$200 A Day With Email” course made me want to skip work, spin up a server at Amazon, and get mail flowing ASAP! ( You do NOT need your own server for this to work!! )

The concepts are NOT complicated, but you *WILL* work upfront to automate all the passive income systems on the back end. SUPER Interesting to watch him actually put these together on video.

The quality of the course I watched was TOP NOTCH! Seriously, if you are interested in the process of making money via email, order now.

I am going to take a day off of work soon, solely to focus on implementing these concepts. This course has me motivated to try something completely new!

This course really got me excited to try and implement something foreign to me. *VERY* professionally presented and interesting. If I can actually implement the systems presented, it seems foolproof! Click the photo to order the course! This *IS* an affiliate link!
I have *NOT* purchased this course. But, Lawrence is THE MAN and I am sure it is of equally high quality as 200 A Day Via Email. Click the pic above to order! This *IS* an affiliate link!

eBay Drop Shipping 101 / eBay Rocket Growth Guide

@DropShipShaw , from what I saw on his videos, should be in charge of the proposed manned mission to Mars. I grabbed the freebie, Ebay DropShipping 101 just because it was free and sure enough it was good enough to leave me wanting for MORE.

So, this afternoon I purchased the “Rocket Growth Guide”. I read the PDF and it was REALLY GOOD. I just happened to have enough time to watch one of the videos and HO-LEEEEE S****! How he figured out all of this stuff is beyond my level of side-hustle.

Everything he shows in the videos, and he shows EVERYTHING, is something *YOU* can do for sure. But, I would guess you will reference those videos more than once. ONCE the system is in place though, you will be doing GREAT!

I was seriously BLOWN AWAY with the information provided, the level of detail in the videos, and the actual potential profits I saw with my own eyes, and pulled DIRECTLY from live data.

I love to flip products and will never abandon that side of eBay. BUT, if I can fully automate things as Shaw does in this course, I would be a FOOL to not implement this system ASAP!

I have spent a LOT of money on GUMROAD this month and THIS course was the one where I saw actual data pulled from eBay and other sources to show me almost exact profit margins. DEFINITELY worth a look if you have ever considered drop shipping.

Seriously, while I was watching this video, I kept thinking that this guy must be like Doc Brown from “Back to the Future“. Just some crazy genius coming up with wild sht to make tons of cash. GREAT SCOTT!!

Click The Pic To Order. This *IS* an affiliate link! These videos are, in my opinion, worth my weight in gold! And I am still a bit heftier than I should be! ( I’m working on it! )
Click The Pic to Order!! It’s a Freebie! You’re Welcome!

Stack Cash and Become a B.O.S.S.

Chris A.K.A @MoneySavvyMind has truly written an awesome ebook. It is targeted to people who have the motivation and desire to move towards financial freedom, but may not know *HOW* to achieve that goal.

I am a bit older, 43, and my twins, 21, are in college and in the US Air Force. I am literally going to FORCE them to purchase this book. ( or get it for them! ) When I was 20 and fresh out of the ARMY, I would have KILLED for this book.

I knew I had to save money for the future, and I did, but it was in a very typical, “save for retirement way”. That isn’t a BAD thing, but now, ALL of my savings are in that vehicle. I am good when I am 65, but I want to party *NOW*! 😉

My kids have a good financial education because we have always preached saving for the future, etc. But, if you have kids, you KNOW it never hurts to hear it from someone else.

Now, this isn’t JUST FOR YOUNG ADULTS, it is just what I thought when I read it initially. This would be PERFECT for someone who needs GUIDANCE properly directing money to different savings areas. AND, Chris also emphasizes the NEED to earn more and the HOW to earn more!

This is also an excellent resource for someone LOOKING to earn more through various “side hustles”; which are explained in detail.

Chris did an *EXCELLENT* job of consolidating quite a bit of useful information, along with AWESOME flow charts and diagrams to help you take your income and get that money to WORK FOR YOU in the most efficient way possible. And when your money works for YOU, you know you made the right moves.

I am going to re-read this ASAP and take more notes, but my initial impression for this ebook, and included groups/documents, was that it is a well-written, highly informational, outstanding product.

Click the pic to order! I am *literally* going to make my 21 year old sons read this, so they have a blueprint for THEIR financial success. This *IS* an affiliate link, but does not influence my enthusiasm for this product!

The Affiliates Club

I wanted to make sure I mentioned “The Affiliates Club“. If you are a creator of a product or you just want to promote content you enjoy, these guys are apparently putting something cool together. I am not a member, because I am not really sure which direction I am taking. Everything I reviewed above is completely different, so who knows what I will end up doing! ( I want to do it ALL!)

But, these guys can help you make money ASAP by connecting you with either a content creator who you would like to promote *OR* an army of affiliates who may volunteer to share and promote your product.

This is Chris’ affiliate link, not mine! I hope he doesn’t mind if I used it for him!! I will remove it, if he reads this far and objects! Best of luck to everyone involved! I may join you soon!

Still Reading?

Well, this went on way longer than I expected. You know how it is, when you get into that groove and want to cover many topics! I thank you for reading and hopefully you appreciate the courses and/or the creators I covered above.

Have an awesome and productive day!

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