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Spent $40 on OUTFLOW. Flipped for $150 of INFLOW. Then I’m Yellin DOMINO!

Sourcing Before Flipping

Once you get rolling on flipping products, you have to get out there and SOURCE! What is sourcing? It’s just buying stuff to flip for profit! SHOPPING!

But, it’s fun shopping. Looking for deals and comparing prices online to see if it’s something worth buying to sell down the road for a profit.

If you are a member of “Products for Profit“, and you should be, you know there are products we are all hunting that either are PROVEN as valuable flip products OR products that have a great potential to increase in value.

The information gained from this group is invaluable in finding quality products to focus on for your flipping success!

But, sometimes those products can NOT be found. Which, is KIND OF THE POINT. Scarce items are more valuable. It’s why I drive to 15 Walmarts looking for stuff and have contacted my local “Touchdown Boogie Coordinator” for when I hit the jackpot!

(This was supposed to a Cedric The Entertainer commercial…but I couldn’t find it…and Key & Peele are pretty darn funny… )

Improvisation is Key

When you can’t find the coveted items, do you just say BLEEP IT or try something new. For me, it depends. If I am on a road trip, I am *IN* and *OUT* of a Walmart in less than 10 minutes and on to the next Walmart!

That’s assuming I have a functional cart, can avoid the motorized shoppers, and all of BeBe’s Kids are properly supervised.

But, if I am just looking around my local Walmarts, I take my time and see if I can locate some hidden gems.

Lately I have been MOVING some big $$$$ items and was on cruise control. But the past week it was DRY all over for the product I was hunting. I am talking a 5 state ZERO PRODUCT drought. (MD, PA, DE, VA, WV … NADA! )

Since I couldn’t find this particular product I had to get creative. I hit the Walmart clearance aisle and took a trip to Ollie’s.

At Ollie’s I found some cool little Star Wars figures on sale for $1.99. At Walmart I found a box of these weird little Star Wars things called “Mashems”. I don’t even know what a MASHEM is, but there were a LOT of them for a buck a piece so I grabbed them all.

When I got home I assembled the figurines and the MASHEMS into a little photo shoot and listed the newly created “set” for $35.00 on Ebay. It was just an experiment, but HOLY ****, someone bought it within the hour!!

8 Dollars of product sold for $35.00. ( Even tacked on $4.99 for shipping! It WORKED!)
(not really)

I am MORE THAN HAPPY to share any of my information with anyone who asks. I don’t feel it’s right to share info I receive from Products for Profit because that isn’t my information to share.

The photo below is from a legit flip I did today thanks in part to Products for Profit.

For less than 40 dollars I bought some PFP recommended items. I decided to put them on Craigslist as a collection and set the price to $150. The $150 was SORT OF based on the sale price of the other items, minus some shipping. It seemed fair to me.

Sure enough, some dude contacted me almost ASAP wanting to purchase this set from me. I was thinking… NO WAY….but, I set up the meeting and received my $150 for $35 of products! THANK YOU PRODUCTS FOR PROFIT!

SO….that led me BACK to the clearance aisle. I found a product there that I think will be $$$$ in the fall. And I got a TON of them for 1.50. And they are going for $5.00 or so on Ebay. I cleaned out two Walmarts of this item…see, I will share MY info…but will protect PFP info!! The item is…

Gotta find the hand warmers as well!

If you have no imagination, this may seem crazy to buy 100 or so of these. They are selling well on eBay now, but when it gets cold and folks are working outside or heading to football games… CHA-CHING!

I can try to move these on eBay, but local flipping or selling DIRECTLY at football/soccer games will be good here when it gets COLD!

Personally, I think this will be profitable. I mean, they were a $1.50 per package and each package has 7 pairs of toe warmers.

I smell a profit!! Or hot toes. I’m going with PROFIT!!!

Well, that’s my flipping and sourcing info for now! If you aren’t locating something that can stand on its own for flipping, GET CREATIVE!

I look at this flipping thing as a fun challenge or puzzle. The reward for doing well on these challenges is CASH MONEY! Solve the puzzle to get BONUS MONEY! I *LOVE* to find the PFP recommended products because THEY SELL QUICK!

But, I enjoyed coming up with my own stuff to assemble and experiment with to see if I could make something happen!

If you want the good Products for Profit information, click the GIANT RED BUTTON below to join up! I have met GREAT PEOPLE and have been put on to QUICK SELLING products via the chat room and webinars.

I hope you ALL have an AWESOME and PROFITABLE DAY and I appreciate you reading.

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