You’re Broke? WHY?

Waiting on Payday

I was so broke in the Army, I would hang around the ATM at midnight on the 1st (and the 15th) waiting for my deposit to hit. All so I could withdraw enough money for *TACO BELL*!

This was back in the 90s!! You could, if you had it, withdraw FIVE DOLLARS from the ATM! You could eat a FEAST at Taco Bell for like $4.99. I didn’t have FIVE BUCKS in the bank!!


I told myself one night, “NEVER AGAIN”!

I began a disciplined saving, investment, and additional income plan that very day.

*YOU* can do the same starting TODAY.

There are many FREE guides that describe FREE opportunities to make money starting NOW. There are also FREE guides to help you with opportunities that can begin with less than 20 bucks or so.

There is NO reason to be broke these days unless you choose the road most traveled. A little bit of HUSTLE and you can be BANKING!

Here some FREE GUIDES to get you started making money *TODAY*:

( @GaryTheHustler ) 4 Online Business Models With No Cost
( @OptimizedHustle ) The Necktie Flipping Guide
( @OptimizedHustle ) Goodwill Cheat Codes
( @DropShipShaw ) Ebay Dropshipping 101
( @TreyMondo ) Money Twitter
( @realKathyLew ) Reselling 101

I have *PERSONALLY* made significant profits using the first three. And with very little time investment. The whole dropshipping thing is awesome to me, I just haven’t tackled it yet.

TreyMondo’s guide is PERFECT for any beginner looking for a vast resource of free material!

RealKathyLew’s guide is what I am reading NOW!! ( Excellent! )

There is NO EXCUSE for you to REMAIN broke. If you start RIGHT NOW with ANY of the above, you can have CASH in hand within 48 hours.

Earn Money Flipping Products

Some of the guides above revolve around flipping products and are PERFECT for starting with little or no money.

The “roadmap” for flipping products, in my opinion is as follows:

  • Start Flipping products at whatever price range you can afford.
    • Flip LOCAL for quick money. (Craigslist, OfferUp, etc)
    • Flip on Ebay to build reputation and “season” account.
  • Use initial profits to expand inventory and increase output.
  • Use next-level profits to:
    • Begin INVESTING in cash flow assets.
      • Dividend Paying Stocks/Funds
      • Real Estate
      • Create Other Business

For info on CASH FLOW producing assets, follow the people I follow on Twitter. SO much FREE, ACTIONABLE, and LIFE CHANGING advice on a daily basis.

Detailed Guide on How To Direct Your Profits for Maximum Growth:
Stack Cash and Become a B.O.S.S.


Flipping products can literally take you from ZERO to HERO in a relatively short time depending on how much you devote to the process. The beauty is, you have the ENTIRETY of MONEY TWITTER to offer you advice and support and encouragement.


Gratuitous once a year Vanilla Ice gif usage…lol

When you are ready to move to the next level of flipping and massively accelerate your growth, join Coach Joe Hart, me, and the whole “PRODUCTS FOR PROFIT” family!

If you join Products for Profit and make your fortune……


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