Averaging Down and F****** Up!!!

Hello, my fellow penny stock traders! Have you heard of $VYST ?

The last time I posted here I was planning on how to cash out of VYST when it hit multiple dollars. Pay off my mortgage and drive cross country in a tricked out van!!

Well, that was March 7th, 2019, and today is July 2nd, 2019. Let’s see how we’ve been doing:

$VYST Chart from 7MAR2019 – 2JUL2019

As you can see from the chart it went something like this since my last posting, “NOOO….yes…no..yes…no…YESSSSSS….NOOOOOOO….zzzzzzzzz”. You know, something like that.

But, in all that time, did I give up and get out of VYST? HELL NO!! I broke every penny stock trading rule in the book with this baby:

  1. Don’t buy “pink stocks”
  2. Don’t hold penny stocks long term.
  3. Take profits!

These are the “average” set of rules I run across when reading….nothing hard and fast and I know we all are different. So here I am, not only watching this baby head down to .04 and below….but ADDING MORE. WHY WOULD I DO THIS YOU ASK?!?!?!

$VYST and the Vystar Corporation and the Rotman family, IN MY OPINION, are the real deal! Does Greg Rotman talk about sleep too much in his earlier emails? YES. Are the tweets grammatically questionable sometimes? You betcha! Is the communication sparse and the filings slow? Gotdam right!! Wait, where was I going with this? Oh yeah..WHY AM I HOLDING?

Well, their current products seem like they are of very high quality and of proprietary “magic” that will be well received when rolled out on a grander scale. WHICH is happening this July 4th, apparently:

( Buy a dam pillow on Thursday!! I need this stock to be successful so I can tell a co-worker I am smarter than him!!)

Insider buying/selling. As far as I can tell, the insiders are holding these shares close and have NEVER sold a share. This *SEEMS* like a company that is manned by insiders who want the ACTUAL company to be a success versus pumping this stock up and dumping it……to what end for them? The Rotman/Vystar merger has the potential to be a phenomenal success. Why sell out for some quick cash when you have devoted your life to something that could be incredibly profitable.

You can read these twitter postings for some more in-depth reasons to buy and hold (and some reasons to sell!) There are many current products, products in development, deals, and mergers coming down the pipeline…..or so I have heard repeatedly for months now.

I have bought penny stocks off and on for years and have always done my “due diligence”. The MAIN reason I am sticking by $VYST right now is pretty much the Rotman family. I have corresponded with them via text, email, and phone. I didn’t believe Greg was who he said he was, but I was proven wrong. If you ever call and speak to Jaime, she’s a wonderful person.

I could be getting royally effed here….but, I also could have sold already and made quite a bit. So, it’s all up to ME in the end and I am rolling these $VYST dice every day until I crap out or am popping bottles as I tell my current job to kiss my @zz goodbye!!

Sidenote — I have 20 years of savings and investments so I am not BANKING on this play to save my life. We are all in a different position. Play your hand!

Part II: My bi-weekly lotto play!

I have decided that every two weeks I am going to put 100 bucks on a sub .01 play and see what happens. 100 bucks to me is a trip to a bar with a friend, so I am not wasting money I should be investing or using to pay the light bill. ( I only say this so people won’t think I am using NEEDED money on this dumb stuff.)

This week’s play:

$PWDY — 76,923 Shares @.0013

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