VYST – Not Gonna Stop Believing


I have been in on VYST since about FEB or MAR of this year. I have seen HIGHS where I was counting my money and ready to retire. And I have seen LOWS where I was like, “YOU GOTTA BE F****** KIDDING ME!!!”

Basically, I have been in two modes with VYST:


Current VYST Holdings

It’s all over the place this morning! As of 1000HRS EST on 15AUF2019

When you REALLY look at the company and what’s happening, it *SEEMS* obvious that this stock is undervalued right now. We have infrastructure in place. Patents for cool technologies. Showing up in new products almost weekly.

VYST product information!
Click for more cool info!

Although I despise the “IHUB” message boards, there is some quality information out there. An overview of VYST is HERE and a great motivational blurb is HERE. I recommend reading the information and trying to avoid the actual messages! This is all new to me, but for some reason, a lot of people spend their time just talking junk abut various stocks. I am not sure of their purpose, but it’s just noise!!


Most telling to me as mentioned in the blurb linked above, the insiders are buying, acquiring, and holding shares. There have been *ZERO* sales of insider shares. If this is a “scam” of some sort, then they are terrible at their scamming strategy. As far as I can tell, they need to, at some point, have the price go UP to ever see the $$$$. Who cares if you hold on to millions of shares of a .02 cent stock? You need it to go UP UP UP to make this worthwhile!

They all seem to believe in the CEO, Steve Rotman, and the engineers and staff onboard working to make this venture a success.

I just don’t see the negative here. YES, they didn’t file some paperwork on time yesterday. It happens all the time. You can ask for a 5 day grace period. No worries at all about the filings. I only know about this BECAUSE of VYST. I assume it happens fairly often and no one cares because they aren’t like me and waiting around for something to happen!!

Oh well, this blog is really just for me to reflect back on in a few months to see where I am then versus now! I am hoping to be lighting cigars with 100 dollar bills soon!! 🙂

This guy kinda looks like a jerk….lol

Good Luck To You All

Well, good luck to everyone on the VYST train! I can’t wait to see where we go from here!! We are waiting for 8Ks and 10Ks and Super 8Ks. Not sure if this is financial jargon or if Steve Rotman is waiting on me to complete a triathlon before revealing the current information to the world!

Me after running the 8K and reading the VYST 10K….or vice versa!

As everyone else says, do *YOUR* due diligence on VYST and let me know what you think! I think it’s a winner! It appears to have everything in place. I could be wrong, but it’s fun to be on this ride!

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