VYST & SBES Movin’ on Up


Almost three months to the day after last contact, Vystar Corp finally touched base with the shareholders again via Twitter. I am glad Greg Rotman is healthy, but I am not too sure I buy the whole “couldn’t communicate due to recovery” excuse. My family has had three surgeries this month from minor knee surgery to some serious kidney procedures. Every single person was on the phone within 24 hours. And even if Greg was out of commission, NO ONE ELSE could give an update? Oh well, all good now *IF* we get back on track. ( I want to stress, I am just joking and am glad Greg is back in the saddle! )

Greg when he’s not Tweeting. ( Just joking! Get 100%, Greg! )

VYST – 23-27MAR2020

VYST – 23MAR2020 to 27MAR2020

Once Greg sent out a few tweets, the price of VYST actually WENT UP!?!?! What? I haven’t seen that in a LOONG time!! It sure was nice to see! I actually bought 100K shares at about .005 and sold at .0074. I have NEVER sold VYST before, but I am so in the red here, I figured they owed me a small profit. No fears…I still have my 550K+ shares.

I enjoyed this next tweet. You have to go back and research the VYST vs EMA Financial situation over the past year or so. As far as I can recall, VYST has kicked their azz every time they went to court. It would be awesome if ole Barry kicks the **** out of EMA Financial and we reclaim shares. Every share counts!

This next tweet means nothing to me at the moment. Until I see some kind of SEC paperwork that we are getting PAID or the RxAir spin-off happens, this stuff is cool to hear and promising, but not helping the PPS.

VYST Filings

The recent 8K was quite lame. Although it will be (at least) 45 days late, per the 8K, I am hoping the 10K is packed full of good info. ( Despite Rotman’s furniture suffering from the Covid-19 situation! )

SBES – 23-27MAR2020

SBES – 23MAR2020 to 27MAR2020

I won’t lie to you. The past three weeks or so, I ignored my stocks and all the info. I had my meniscus in my right knee repaired and I was just getting fat and sassy instead of monitoring my investments.

SBES has been plummeting. I have been holding. There has been no real news that I have seen. But this week, a bit of a recovery! I know some people have *A WHOLE LOTTA SHARES* of SBES and they BELIEVE it will be good to go. ( Looking at you OKSHAKLA ! 😉 )

I am fully on board with waiting for the XU merger magic to happen. If you are interested, here is some consolidated DD on SBES. I have sold NO shares and if I happen to get one of those sweet COVID-19 checks, I may use it all for SBES. ( I am not 100% sure if they put in the income limit on those checks or not. )

Moving Forward

  • I still fully believe in VYST. They have given me no reason to believe and I have mocked them any time I felt inspired. *BUT*, if they ACTUALLY TAKE ACTION on anything, I believe in the products. Hey, I thought the replacement Dukes of Hazard people weren’t bad either, so what do I know?
  • SBES – I am not as emotionally invested ( or financially invested ) in this as VYST, but I would like to see my fellow SBES-ers get PAID. The “Bank Tank” folks have always been friendly and positive, so I would like to see this hit for them! Good luck out there! I will hold my shares and maybe get some more ASAP!
  • I have a nice nest egg already, this is just messing around money for me. I only say that so I don’t sound like some lunatic letting it all ride on crazy s***!! But, I would like to start profiting from less long term penny stock moves and build up my DIVIDEND PAYING stocks using those profits. Just an experiment to see how it would go. In *MY* opinion, every American has the opportunity to utilize the stock market to better themselves. I would like to take a bit of money and maybe turn it into something that, no pun intended, pays dividends for me and my family down the road. It’s a better hobby than strippers and blow, I suppose! 🙂


Good luck with your investments and I hope you are all filthy rich soon! Stay healthy, stay happy, stay positive, and stay in the game! If $VYST hits, I will be one happy camper. Right now, if this were my real money, VYST would have me living out of a camper! Have an AWESOME WEEKEND, everyone!

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