VYST in 2020

2019 was an interesting year for me and my relationship with VYST. This was my first year really jumping into the penny stock game and trying to find the “best penny stock to buy” was a fun challenge. I am still working on my ability to perform proper “DD”, but I don’t lack the desire or the commitment to make it happen!

All of my DD tells me that VYST will be a solid hold in the future. The existing infrastructure they possess to manufacture, showcase, sell, and ship products is light years beyond your average penny stock investment where all that really exists is a PO BOX address and a dream. VYST actually has PRODUCTS in play right now and has an impressive per month revenue.

I was SOOOO confident that I inspired some people to buy into VYST. I just KNEW that by Christmas I was gonna be saying the following:

Well, it didn’t quite play out that way as the price worked its way down to .01. DAM!! Talk about feeling like crap when other people invest in the crap you were excited about and it craps out! Oh well, I just said I believe in the underlying foundation of VYST and I am holding. I even accumulated some more during the fall, but I am trying to be disciplined and just stay with what I have now.

But, going FORWARD….what’s to look forward to with VYST? What is Rotmans/Vystar going to *DO* to make us some money? There has been little information to really sink your teeth into, but here are a few tweets that offer some hope that larger plays are in motion and the PPS is ready to move up.

This tweet shows that even without the VYST brands really being utilized, Rotmans will bring in a steady source of income to help push the new business ventures:

This tweet shows that they are looking to market and capitalize on their patents/inventions and maybe do some business that pays us … DIVIDENDS?? :

I can also hope they are working on more partnerships like the one below. Get the products on the shelves or out on the floor and MOVE THAT INVENTORY!

I have seen the “CONDOM (COMING SOON)” (no pun intended!) link on their site for a while now. Hey, Rotmans, read the below article! There is a factory re-opening in the BEAUTIFUL town of Eufaula, Alabama, that manufactures condoms. (And maybe other stuff…) Reach out to this guy and LET’S MAKE A DEAL!

As 2019 closes I have to say that I have full faith in Greg Rotman, Steve Rotman, Vystar, VYST, RXAir, Vytex, FEC, and Rotmans. The insiders have NEVER sold a share of VYST. The products are THERE to move! I just can’t see how this fails in 2020. I could be wrong, but of all the penny stocks I have researched, NONE possesses such a strong and established infrastructure to support growth and future success!

VYST / Vystar Company Lineup for 2020
VYST / Vystar Company Lineup for 2020

I don’t know if VYST is the best penny stock to buy, but it’s one that I will be holding in 2020. It ran up to .15 earlier this year, so hopefully, now that all the merger maneuvers have completed, we can move FORWARD with product development, marketing, and making us all FILTHY RICH!

Richie Rich
Richie Rich

I hope 2020 is great for you in all areas of life!! I hope if you are holding VYST, SBES, GRNF, or any other penny stock that you ride the UPs and avoid the DOWNs. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!!!!!

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