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I’m positive you have all seen the classic movie “The Outsiders“. Well, today we are going to review the VYST Insiders. The insiders of Vystar Corporation have been buying shares for years. There has never been a Form 4 filed reporting a sell of one share of VYST Insider owned shares! When others question my firm belief in VYST, the insider commitment to holding their shares is a basis for my rationale.

VYST Form 4 (2016 -2019)

Below is an image of the VYST / Vystar Corporation Form 4s for the past three years. A few may have been cut off the bottom, but they are the same as the ones you see. All BUYING and NO selling!

Vystar Corporation ( VYST ) Form 4 Filings from the SEC for 2019-2016.
VYST Form 4 Filings 2016-2019 (sorry for small print!)

VYST Insider #1 – Dr. Keith Osborn

Of all the VYST Form 4s reported over the past 4 years, one of the most represented VYST Insiders was Dr. Keith Osborn. From the VYST website :

Dr. Keith Osborn

Dr. Keith Osborn,Dr. Osborn is a board-certified Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon with 30 years of experience after completing his Spine Fellowship at Harvard University. He received his medical degree from the University of Maryland School of Medicine and performed his residency at Harvard University and Johns Hopkins Hospital. Dr. Osborn currently specializes in Spinal Surgery at Resurgens Orthopaedics in Atlanta with a focus on adult spinal disorders and total disc arthroplasty.


Dr. Osborn was appointed to the Vystar Corporation’s Board of Directors in May of 2016. He has accumulated almost 50,000,000 shares of VYST. He apparently BELIEVES in the company and is putting his money where his mouth is to show his conviction.

VYST Insider #2 – Joseph Allegra

Another frequent VYST Form 4 filer over the past three years has been Joseph Allegra. Mr. Allegra is an enthusiastic VYST investor who has worked with Vystar, as Chairman, to attract other investors:

Joseph Allegra, PhD, has followed Vystar’s progress for numerous years and has assisted as an investment advisor and investor, providing insight into positioning the company to attract investors, particularly in the healthcare sector. He currently is an Instructor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of Georgia and an Investment Advisor at Lincoln Lee Investments in Atlanta. Previously he was a Senior Drug Safety Associate at Genentech. Dr. Allegra received his BA in Psychology from Boston University, and his Masters of Public Health and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from the University of Georgia.


Mr. Allegra has accumulated approximately 16,000,000 shares of VYST stock. (These numbers are what I think based on the info I have researched!) We have another highly educated individual BUYING shares and NOT selling. WHY would they do this if they didn’t have conviction in VYST and Vystar Corporation? (More on this later! )

VYST Insider #3 – Dr. Bryan Stone

A more recent VYST Form 4 filer is Dr. Bryan Stone. Dr. Stone (seemingly) became involved with VYST via the relationship between Vystar and FEC.

Bryan Stone, M.D, age 51, has advised Vystar over the past years relating to product development for the healthcare industry and brings to the Board an understanding of the challenges of new product development for start-up companies. He is the Chairman of Medicine at Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs, Calif., and is the Medical Director at multiple DaVita Dialysis Centers. He is also an entrepreneur, serving as the Interim CEO of Fluid Energy Conversion, Inc., a firm specializing in molecular fluid mechanics, specifically high efficiency mass producible energy conversion technologies.


It appears as though Dr. Stone has accumulated about 13,000,000 shares of VYST stock. Dr. Stone is well educated and successful and is hoarding these shares. He *MUST* believe in VYST and the RxAir/FEC products he is working on enhancing and distributing! Here’s a great video of the man himself. The video is a few years old, but the RxAir products are new, improved, and ready to roll in 2020!

VYST Insiders – A Few Of the Others

Of course, THE BIG DOG, Steve Rotman is a VYST Insider. From the info I am referencing now it appears Mr. Rotman has approx 40,000,000 shares of VYST stock. He may have more shares, but for this article, 40M locked up insider shares gives me a nice warm and fuzzy about holding on to MY shares!

Michael Ianacone – Approx 12M shares of VYST stock. Mr. Ianacone brings a wealth of experience to Vystar Corporation. This is the guy I am most excited about due to his history of successful business ventures.

There are a couple other folks listed in the image I posted above, but this covers the major holders of Inside shares of VYST stock. My numbers could be off, but I would assume they would only be HIGHER and not LOWER since there have been no shares sold by these fine folks!

VYST Insider #4 – ME

Just joking!! I am not a VYST Insider…..yet! But, my shares are LOCKED UP! Everyone preaches that you HAVE TO DO YOUR OWN DD! Well, I did my due diligence. I know the PPS is DOWN. I am currently down QUITE A BIT right now. But, that doesn’t change the DD. The mergers are complete. The products are quality. Rotman’s alone makes a good amount of money! The RxAir spin-off is apparently in the works. And the insiders. The VYST Insiders are SMART, ACCOMPLISHED, EDUCATED, and MOTIVATED. Why would they buy more and more VYST shares and NOT sell if they didn’t BELIEVE in the direction of the company?

Seriously, I am looking for another angle I may be missing. What benefit is to these VYST Insiders to buy and hold these shares; other than having the goal of achieving success through moving product and driving the PPS up to profitable levels? Leave a comment below on how they benefit from the PPS hitting the skids. What “scam” could be enriching them as these VYST shares become less and less valuable?

In *MY* humble opinion, these are veteran businessmen and scientists who want to achieve something spectacular to add to their prestige. I fully believe that the VYST Insiders are confident in the direction of VYSTAR Corporation and I will take my shares along for the ride. Destination…. NASDAQ ? A guy can dream, can’t he?

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