VYST & FEC in 2020

VYST acquires FEC

According to MicroCapDaily.com :

On May 28 VYST announced its Board of Directors has ratified a definitive agreement to acquire Fluid Energy Conversion, Inc. (FEC). FEC is a global green energy company whose patented and proprietary technologies harness sound energy in unique ways to destroy bacteria and viruses, improve water processing and irrigation, and enhance chemical reactions. Under the terms of the agreement, Vystar will acquire 100% of assets of Fluid Energy Conversion Inc., primarily consisting of its patent on the Hughes Reactor, for $100,000 in restricted common stock (2,500,000 Shares) of Vystar. All stock will be restricted and subject to a lock-up. The Vystar board of directors has unanimously approved the Transaction, which was previously approved by majority shareholder consent.


Vystar Acquisitions - Time to acquire MARKET SHARE !  VYST is primed to go!
Vystar Acquisitions – Time to acquire MARKET SHARE! VYST is primed to go!

Plans for FEC in the VYST Ecosystem

As reported by GlobeNewsWire.com: (this is a good read )

  • Vystar plans to apply Fluid Energy Conversion (FEC) technology to increase pathogen killing efficiency, reduce size and cost of Vystar’s RxAir air purifiers.
  • FEC technology expected to be used to negate viruses and bacteria using sound energy in a highly proprietary manner.
  • Vystar plans to apply FEC technology to vape pens to improve substance delivery and control dosage.
  • Fluid Energy Conversion technology offers numerous eco-friendly product initiatives already in development in metering, energy, water purification, and medical uses.

VYST & FEC Additional Reading

What is a Hughes Reactor you ask? I have no idea! But, here’s some info if you are interested!

The Hughes Reactor from FEC now owned by VYST
The Hughes Reactor from FEC now owned by VYST. What does this baby do? I have NO IDEA, but I am hoping it revolutionizes multiple industries!

A fluid reactor for facilitating mixing and/or chemical reaction and including an elongated cylindrical flow chamber having a first for receiving a flow of a first fluid, a second flow inlet through which a relatively low mass flow of a second fluid may be admitted to the chamber; and a cone-pi element disposed downstream of the second flow inlet and having an upstream conical portion with a leading apex generally facing the first flow inlet, an intervening cylindrical portion, and a downstream conical portion with a trailing apex generally facing the flow outlet, the cone-pi element being operable to produce cavitation and/or vortical flow within the flow stream to effectuate mixing and/or chemical interaction of the first fluid and the second fluid, and to deliver a mixed and/or reacted fluid from the flow outlet.

The reactor may also include a catalytic component disposed within the chamber between the cone-pi element and the flow outlet for further influencing the interaction between the first fluid and the second fluid prior to its exit through the flow outlet.


Excellent article here on VYST/VYSTAR/RXAIR/FEC/ROTMANS as a whole:


VYST & FEC Future

What does 2020 and beyond hold for VYST/VYSTAR/ROTMANS/FEC/RXAIR? The answer is, heck if I know. There are many potential products and deals on the horizon, but nothing specific that I can name right here and now. My hope is that 2019 was the year of mergers and acquisitions which will lead to 2020 being a year of manufacturing and development.

I love the Rotmans acquisition as they have a huge infrastructure in place to manufacture and ship products. One of Vystar’s goals in the past few years was to enter the bedding industry and Rotmans was the conduit to that goal. Hopefully, Rotmans can move forward with more products based on VYTEX. Gloves, condoms, etc….

The RxAir acquisition could be a boon if the dividend spin-off is a success. The air PURIFICATION market seems prepped for a quality product in this day and age of a new scary flu seemingly every year. ( Swine, bird, etc )

The FEC acquisition, that’s an interesting one. VYST, seemingly, acquired FEC to enhance the RxAir brand with some proprietary technology, but I don’t know if that’s in effect at this time. The FEC info mentions other possibilities, such as vape pen efficiency, but again, nothing is concrete as of now to my knowledge.

The future has amazing potential for VYST (VYSTAR), but NOW is the time to REALIZE potential and move the company forward and the VYST Stock Price back to .15 and beyond. The stated goal is to list on the NASDAQ, so let’s DO IT, baby!

Heading in 2020

In my mind, the new beginning of the fully “mergered” VYST / VYSTAR corporation begins on Monday, January 6th, 2020. Will that day be a PPS explosion? Probably not!

But, as of that day, there is no more mercy for lateness, lack of PRs, absence of announced deals, and general unprofessional communication. I appreciate all that Greg Rotman does, but we need to utilize PRs as opposed to Tweets. I APPRECIATE THE TWEETS!! However, we need more that will move us, the shareholders, back to a place of confidence.

Because of the maneuvers in 2019, I am still confident in Vystar. But, the downward spiral of the VYST price per share chased away many and shaken numerous long-time longs.

6JAN2020, we commence a course reversal and begin to dominate markets. Otherwise, we wind up selling and all those jerks on iHUB will be proven correct. I can’t stand the thought!!!

Penny Stock Home Run Plays

SBES entry tomorrow! Along with GGSM. SWING FOR THE FENCES WITH THESE!
VYST as of 5DEC2020

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