VYST and Country Music

Similarities between VYST and Country Music

With VYST closing at .008, but dipping below this price a few times today, I couldn’t help but think of my favorite country songs. You know how it is, just like VYST, most country songs have you LOSING stuff. Your woman, your dog, your truck, your fishin buddy….etc. Below I will share some country music songs ( in no particular order ) with a hint of VYST related to each. Enjoy!

10) SOLD – John Michael Montgomery

DAM, how I wish this song pertained to me and $VYST when it was at .09 cents a share. I can’t f****** believe it’s at .008 and I have bought MORE along the way down.

9) Here’s A Quarter – Travis Tritt

As the great Travis Tritt would say, “HERE’S A QUARTER, BUY 31 SHARES OF VYST! Can you effing believe VYST is at .008?

8) Straight Tequila Night – John Anderson

Don’t ask me about VYST on a Straight Tequila Night…I’ll start thinking about Greg Rotman and be ready to fight!!! 🙂 If you are of a certain age you may remember John Anderson from waaaay back when he took the country by storm with a song called “SWINGING!” I have to remember the good times to prevent myself from remembering my current, unrealized, losses in VYST!

7) People Are Crazy – Billy Currington

God is great, Beer is gooood, and the Rotmans are CRAZYYYY!!!

6) I Swear – John Michael Montgomery

Proposed Song Title:

I SWEAR….a lot when I think of VYST and the incompetence of Greg Rotman and Vystar Corp as a whole. ( Subject to change when they deliver some news! )

5) My Maria – Brooks and Dunn

Proposed Song Title:

My Maria…I had to fire you due to the shtty performance of my shares in VYST!

4) Forever and Ever – Randy Travis

Proposed Song Title

Forever and Ever, Amen…is how long I will need to hold my shares in VYST if I even hope to get back even.

3) Friends in Low Places – Garth Brooks

It don’t get much lower than writing online baloney about a penny stock just to try and forget what a giant POS you have heavily invested in despite warning after warning…..AND STILL BELIEVE IN IT!!!!! I hate you VYST, but I can’t quit you!! 🙂

You’re welcome..this video has the awesome, seldom heard, 3rd verse! And Greg, as the 3rd verse says, you can KISS MY AZZ!!!

2) 9 to 5 – Dolly Parton

Investing in sht like VYST will ensure that I am working 9 to 5 for MANY more years! Hey GREG, a brother is TRYING TO RETIRE HERE!!

You hear that weird clicking at the beginning of this song and throughout? Fun Fact- That’s Dolly’s fingernails….even her gotd@m fingernails have talent! 😉

1) Why Not Me – The Judds

Why not me when stocks go high??? Why not me when the 8K is bold??

WHY WHY HWY??? Why not US, Greg? Get this sht squared away ASAP!!

The Judds, I was always a NAOMI fan. Even though she was the mom, she was SOOO much hotter than Winona!


Until Vystar, Greg Rotman, or Jesus give me some info about what’s up with VYST, I will keep trying to come up with ways to gently mock them!! Like I said above, I still believe in this company, for some reason. I know I sound like a buffoon, but the potential is there to recover and WELL, if they get some partners to sell their stuff. OR SOMETHING. Greg Rotman, I would like to know what you are up to, bro!


Jesus and Momma – Confederate Railroad

Proposed Song Title:

Jesus and Momma Always Loved Me , But The Rotmans Hate My Guts

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