VYST and SBES in the Rear View


Well, it’s that time. I was single minded in my pursuit of a quick fortune with VYST; and to a lesser extent, SBES. I wasted so much time just feeding these two beasts my money, and they gobbled it right up. “Last chance to get cheapies!” “Filings about to drop!” “They’re trying to steal your shares!” “This is going to silver!” “Dollar land….HERE WE COME!!” These and other stupid mantras kept me in and WORSE kept me focused on these two turds.

I have made SO MUCH money these past 10 trading days on non-penny stocks. (and a couple of penny stocks where I got IN and I got OUT!) And I got out GREEN! Which I may never do with my shares of VYST and SBES. That’s right. I still own a LOT of each, but I have reclaimed my focus and my wealth-building work ethic. I bought into the penny stock quick fortune myth DESPITE plenty of warnings!

Whoever is still in these two with me, I wish you the very best of luck! I am holding many hundreds of thousands of shares of each and it would be stupid to sell at such a loss. So, I will, ahem, “HOLD FOR GOLD!” Now, I am not saying these two are dead in the water forever, but I am trying to ENJOY life and make money. These two stocks remind me of when I went sailing and there was NO WIND. I had to use the tiller like a propeller to get back to the pier. BORING! NO MOMENTUM! NOTHING HAPPENING! Lesson learned! It’s definitely POSSIBLE to make a fortune here, I just chose the wrong two at the wrong time!


I don’t want to sound negative, if you can believe that! I had fun with VYST and SBES. I made ( good-natured) fun of Greg Rotman. When he first started tweeting and was always mentioning that he was sleepy and they slept late so the 8K was delayed…WARNING..ALERT!!!! But, I BELIEVED in Poppa Steve Rotman. Oh well, it was a fun run!

Moving On and Re-Motivated

So, I enjoy writing, although I am probably the only one who will read this stuff! I like to look back and see my state of mind at a particular time. Here’s what I am doing going forward. I am feeling awesome and motivated.

Day/Swing Trading – After the market plummetted a couple of weeks back, I was “lucky” enough to be home recovering from knee surgery. I was able to snag 500 and 600 dollar profits quite a few times from stocks such as SYY, XOM, and MFA. It’s SO enjoyable to buy a stock, experience some movement, and make a decision to get out while profitable. They aren’t ALL winners, but I have a whole year of losing under my belt! 🙂

Flipping/Ebay – I have “dabbled” in this art in the past and, coincidentally enough, I just read “The Art of Flipping“. It gave me some pointers and re-motivated me to the potential out there in flipping items on Ebay. I am excited to get listings active and experience the thrill of success!

Increase Dividend Paying Stock Holdings – So, I am fairly lucky. All of my kids are out of the house. Saving in a disciplined manner has been a way of life for me since I left the Army in 2000. So, I am fairly set for retirement. But, what about NOW? I do well, but I am kind of bored and would love to generate income in ways that are interesting to me. I would like to reinvest my day trading and flipping profits and build a portfolio of reliable dividend-paying stocks. Maybe for me to enjoy. Maybe as something I can pass to my future grandkids to give them a leg up on life. Who knows? But, the CHALLENGE is what I enjoy.


Again, I am NOT negative. Quite the contrary, I am feeling awesome. I was letting this VYST stuff get me down because I out SOOOOOOO much in to it. I still own it, but *IT* no longer owns ME! If you own VYST and/or SBES, I hope the best for you. FOR US! But, it feels GOOD to get my attention and energy devoted to something with forward momentum!

I am going to work on my writing, my investing, my flipping, and my fasting. I feel great! I am motivated! I really enjoy reading everyone’s ebooks and tweet to learn the perspective and views of other, energized individuals.

Have a GREAT and WONDERFUL day!

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