Top 10 VYST/OTC Songs

All Quiet In Worcester,MA

If you are following the ups and DOWNS of the Vystar Corporation ( VYST ), you know there is NOTHING TO REPORT right now. There is more news coming from North Korean reeducation camps than from the public relations/investor relations team of Vystar Corp. But, looking at this company as a whole, I am hoping this radio silence is merely the calm before a storm of deals, partnerships, and an increase in the PPS per share of VYST stock!

Why a VYST Playlist?

With no actual VYST news to report, I will just try to entertain myself, and maybe you, until we hear something of substance! These songs will have something to do with waiting or money! Enjoy!

Top 10 VYST Money/Waiting Songs

10) I Wanna Be Rich – Calloway – Click to Listen – “I want money….LOTS AND LOTS of money!” I am fairly comfortable right now, but I would like for VYST (or SBES) to hit and provide me with a hell of a cushion. I have a lot of charitable stuff I want to do *AND* I would like to be able to quit my job and do *SOMETHING* that I love. Don’t know what that is just yet, but VYST at $1.00 per share would help me SEE THE LIGHT in terms of a career move. This isn’t my typical kind of 80s music, but for #10 on the list, it’ll do!

9) Good Run of Bad Luck – Clint Black – Click to Listen – “If I’m bettin’ on a loser, I’m gonna have a devil to pay, but it’s the only game I know to play, it doesn’t matter anyway.” I forgot about this song and it is awesome! This song sums up my entire year in VYST! No matter what, I go back for more because I feel I am DUE for the reversal! I definitely “bet it ALL on a good run of bad luck!” πŸ˜‰ Here’s hoping Greg Rotman has some tricks up his sleeve to get this VYST PPS moving up!

Great video featuring scenes from a great gambling movie, Maverick.

8) Patience – Guns N Roses – Click to Listen – It’s no coincidence that Patience is my least favorite song by GNR and my own personal patience, in regards to VYST, has been tested to the extreme limit. I continue to believe in VYST and that all of the mergers will be fruitful, but DAM, GREG, I am losing the last bit of patience with the lack of news and comms. I would say I have about $0.0099 worth of patience left. But, I must continue to be patient because I ain’t selling my VYST! I will hold this FOREVER if it comes to that! But, I feel like Vystar will come through and ALL of OUR patience will be rewarded in due time!

7) Right Here Waiting – Richard Marx – Click to Listen – There aren’t too many more instantly recognizable piano tunes than at the beginning of this song. Was there a song more requested for a “Long Distance Dedication” by Casey Kasem? ( We used to listen to the radio back in the day…) This is MY song to my beloved VYST shares…”Oh can’t you see it baby….you got me going crazy….wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be right here waiting for you…” to break out!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

6) The Gambler – Kenny Rogers – Click to Listen – If you spend time trying to earn a profit in the OTC, *THIS* is *YOUR* song! If you are in and out of positions in the OTC, you are MOST DEFINITELY a Gambler. And I SALUTE you for risking it all for the payoff! My problem is I don’t “know when to fold em!”  I could have got OUT of VYST, still followed it, and jumped back in about now.  I was up “quite a bit” and now, well, I am DOWN “quite a bit more”.  πŸ˜   But, “every hand’s a winner and every hand’s a loser…” and you don’t lose until you sell in the OTC!  Still waiting for the VYST POP!

Kenny Rogers was a cool sum`beech back in the day:

5) Money – Pink Floyd – Click to Listen – I included this song because a lot of people say I *HAVE* to be on drugs to remain in VYST and actually believe in them! Well, I am NOT on drugs, and I DO believe! πŸ™‚ Maybe the Vystar Board is sitting around, all of them high as a kite, and thinking up new and inventive way to use VYTEX. <Flash to Board Room and a baked Steve Rotman> —–> “What if, like, we use Vytex in straws. We would NEVER hurt a turtle, man. That’s so uncool!” <aaaandd…flashback to now! πŸ™‚ >

4) For The Love of Money – The O’Jays – Click to Listen – The first minute of this song is one of the most recognizable, and commercially used, cuts of a song that I know. It has been in an UNTOLD amount of movies and tv shows and commercials! Got a little extra money to spend? QUEUE THE O’JAYS!! This song is like my year with VYST stock. In the beginning, it kicks azz, as it continues on…..hmmmm, it’s a`ight...

3) Money for Nothing – Dire Straits – Click to Listen – Killer guitar riffs, iconic videos, and repeated MTV references…..what else do you want from a song? This song speaks to a lot of folks who trade in the OTC. They want their MONEY FOR NOTHING. ( I am speaking about myself!) I thought I would buy some shares of an OTC stock, it would spike, I would sell, and repeat ad infinitum. Let’s just say I QUICKLY learned it does NOT work that way. At least, not for ME! I have made a few quick profits, but nothing significant. I am holding VYST ( and SBES ) and it definitely ain’t money for nothing! Stress, second-guessing, frustration, defensiveness….quite a price to pay for a sub-penny stock! πŸ˜‰ ( Oh yeah, the chicks are *NEVER* free! πŸ™‚ )

Maybe get a blister on your thumb… :

2) Moneytalks – AC/DC – Click to Listen – “COME ON! COME ON! LISTEN TO THE MONEY TALK!” This is a bad azz song and SO TRUE! Money talks and bull**** walks! Right now, Greg Rotman isn’t really BSing, he is just ducking us. I am not sure which I like less! I just want him to start presenting info to the shareholders *AND* to the general public to promote current products, future products, and to MAKE US SOME MONEY to bring the share price to where it belongs!

I hope this lyric doesn’t apply to any of our tickers –> “You hustle, you deal, you steal from us all…”

1) Take the Money and Run – Steve Miller Band – Click to Listen – I sure hope this ain’t the Vystar/Rotmans theme song! πŸ˜‰ I feel the Rotmans are honorable people engaging in ethical business deals that will be profitable for all involved. I sure hope I am right and not COMPLETELY wrong! I am along for this ride no matter what! GO OOOOONNNNNN TAKE THE MONEY RUN!!!


Two of my favorite movies from my youth about lucky folks who fell into some money!! Presented without comment!! πŸ™‚


Whether you are in VYST, SBES, IGEX, or anything else, we are chasing the dream, the dollar, the windfall!! I wish *YOU* nothing but the best! Unlike these iHUB assholes, I ENJOY YOUR SUCCESS! I don’t bash! I don’t name call. Well, except the iHUB asshole thing…my apologies. I want you *ALL* to be rich, happy, comfortable, content, and LOVING LIFE! You only live *ONCE*! DO NOT WASTE IT WISHING YOUR LIFE WAS BETTER AND NOT PURSUING A CHANGE! Maybe VYST, SBES, or one of a million others will be your vehicle to a completely different lifestyle. I don’t want to be rich a buy a Lambo…I want to be rich and LOVE LIFE, help people, and just be able to solve as many problems that I see that can be resolved by a small infusion of cash. My last year of high school (1994) , my mom made 8,000 that year. I have NO IDEA, looking back, how we survived. I want to make a TON OF CASH and help people like that. I have no desire for STUFF….I just want MONEY that I can use for FUN and for making life better for others! GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL and MUCH LOVE!!!! –Brian

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