Top 10 VYST Memes

VYST Boredom

Well, if VYST, VYSTAR CORPORATION, and The Rotmans are not going to give us any information, I will have to entertain myself. The following memes are just for fun. If I was truly angry they would be WAY BETTER.

I, for some reason, still believe in VYST 100%. Too much work and potential for this to be a bust. But, I will clown them until they give is some news, information, PRs, or just a d*m tweet!!

These are in no particular order!! You can determine your favorite or tell me they all suck!!

Here We Go With VYST Memes



I don’t want to rag on Greg too much, but as the comms guy for Vystar, he has been less than stellar. A lot of people give him grief every time he tweets. Sometimes it is too much, but sometimes it is well deserved. There were tweets from him ( that I can’t find ) where he would say, we are really sleepy and will do XYZ in the morning. You are sleepy? I DON’T GIVE A D@M! Just give me info!

I think a lot of the “haters” were such jagoffs when replying to him that he has said “f*** it” for now. I hope he comes back strong with clear, concise, positive tweets and PRs. Until then, his salary is TOO DAM HIGH!!

9) Not Sure….

Not Sure Meme VYST

I keep hearing this is a scam, but I can’t see it. The lifelong reputation of those involved, the time/effort placed into mergers and debt payoff. WHERE’S THE SCAM? No one has ever told me. Other than “IT’S A SCAM!” It could be, I suppose. But, I feel strongly, we will eventually be good to go!

8) It Ain’t That Interesting, Bro…

Interesting Man Meme VYST

You haven’t lost anything until you sell. Right? Right? Anyone???

7) Never Gonna Give You Up! (My VYST shares!)

When I die, I want the Vystar Corporation Board of Directors to be my pallbearers so they can let me down one last time!
<Insert Rim Shot Here! 😉 >

6) I Feel Your Pain, Cap`n

WTF Picard Meme VYST

I couldn’t be more stunned if someone set their phasers to stun and stunned the **** outta me! All the work, mergers, investment, and potential. This is no shell of an OTC company. This is a corporation with assets, infrastructure, sales, etc.

I hope they are working on something great and the radio silence is a strategic move. I HOPE!


Batman Slap Meme VYST

The next BS artist who says “last chance to get cheapies!” or “LOAD THE BOAT” in regards to VYST will be playing Front Hand/Back Hand with me ASAP.

4) Dam, Baby…Is It Warm In Here?

Sweating Meme VYST

This one is pretty self-explanatory! 🙂 I know Greg & The Gang better get it together soon or I may be in touch with that Matthew McConaughey sounding guy on the radio, Cordell & Cordell!

3) Can I AT LEAST Get My Toaster?

Southpark Gone Meme VYST

Hookers & Blow, although I dabble in neither, would have been a better use of that sweet slot machine money! Oh well, my penny stock picks are HOME RUN DERBY plays for me. I will regret not putting MORE here when VYST blows up.

( VYST shares are apparently my drug of choice! Anyone wanna be my sponsor at VA? VYST Anonymous! )


pointing meme VYST

Not giving the trolls ammunition is one strategy, I suppose. When the comms resume, let’s have a clear message of deals, investments, products, revenues, profits….and other positive buzzwords!! Let’s go, Greg! Earn that Blue Oar money!!

1) Josie’s On A Vacation Far Away….

I love my VYST, but… DAAAAAAM!! SBES is looking GOOOOD!!! I’m only human!! VYST put on a few pounds, stopped exercising, no longer interested in raising the PPS. ( Price Per Share, perverts…)

VYST is still my main stock, but SBES is the SEXY ticker in my portfolio right now! I am NOT dumping my VYST, just enjoying the ride with SBES until me and Greg and VYST can rekindle the flame!

Two Extras Just Because…..


Hope you enjoyed!! I still fully believe in VYST. BUT, until they start showering me with news and love and PR, I am going to make fun of them to entertain myself. ( And hopefully a few of you! )

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