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VYST Penny Stock for Dummies

If you are searching for a penny stock with potential, let me introduce you to Vystar Corporation ( VYST ). I have followed this stock for almost a year now and have read everything possible on the company. For background information on VYST, read THIS POST. Join me below as I give you 10 reasons that VYST will be a great penny stock this year!

10) VYST Past Price Per Share

I know, I know… WHO CARES ABOUT PAST VYST PPS? I know past performance is no indication of future returns, but VYST has been a steady .05 stock over the years.

VYST 5 Year Stock Chart
VYST 5 Year Stock Chart

VYST was a .05 stock when Vystar Corporation wasn’t even DOING anything. The distance between the company in 2017/2018 and the company now can be measured in light-years. How it’s so different will be discussed below. In relation to the foundation built by the Rotmans, the PPS is very low and subject to quite an increase as more partnerships and deals are announced.

9) VYST Rollout of Hughes Reactor

What, I am sure you are asking, is a Hughes Reactor? It is a patented device, co-engineered by VYST BOD member Bryan Stone, that Vystar Corporation thought enough of to acquire! The Hughes Reactor, from what I can tell, will be used to make the RxAir products more efficient and more effective. Vystar Corporation has expressed excitement about the Hughes Reactor and its potential and I am excited as well! ( MORE INFO)

8) VYST / Gold Bond Partnership

In December of 2019, Gold Bond announced a high-end mattress utilizing Vytex. This is good news and hopefully just a small taste of deals to come in the very near future. The uses for Vytex in numerous markets are almost infinite. Every new deal is more Vytex being manufactured and sold. And that’s more $$$$ for the company! This is, seemingly, a small deal, but a harbinger of things to come!

President of Gold Bond praising Vytex!

7) VYST and Medical Supplies

Many people are, apparently, highly allergic to latex. Vytex is engineered to provide products that are latex without the allergens. When Vystar Corporation starts mass-producing these gloves and other items, it will be a great boon to the VYST PPS. It looks like the gloves are about ready to go, we just need to be the supplier to as many hospitals (and other outlets) as possible!

6) VYST – Merger Complete

VYST Merger Partners
VYST Merger Partners

If I have this all correct, VYST/Vystar Corporation was an OK company. They had some products and some patents, but no real direction. Rotmans, basically bought them to acquire Vytex and a ticker, VYST. Then the RxAir and FEC mergers were completed. 2019 was pretty much a year of combining 4 separate entities under one umbrella. Each company fits into the merger with a product or patent that all complement each other.

Now that we are one company and all of the complex filings have been completed, we can move forward with a focus on product development and creating beneficial partnerships. Vystar’s potential, post-merger has me very excited for the coming news and developments.

5) VYST and RxAir Dividend Spinoff

So, I just said how excited I am that the merger is over so we can get down to VYST business. Well, we are about to SPIN OFF the RxAir brand. If you are a VYST shareholder you will receive some amount of equity in this new RxAir venture. The good news is that this isn’t a merger, but someone is putting money up to take over, develop, enhance, and distribute the RxAir products. This turn of events is very exciting as the RxAir brand of air purifiers can really be put to use in high contagion areas. (MORE INFO)

4) VYST & Rotmans Furniture

Rotmans Furniture is the lynchpin to this entire Vystar Corporation setup. I liken Rotmans Furniture to the main income you earn that helps finance your other ventures. Rotmans actually makes money, where Vystar, RxAir, and FEC (before the mergers), didn’t really seem to generate much revenue on their own. Great products with unlimited potential, but just not the correct business personnel guiding the ship. As these product lines get up and running with new management, Rotmans, which has been operational for 80 or so years, will provide steady revenue to power the entire operation. I am excited about the Rotmans revenue post-merger and its positive impact on the PPS very soon!

3) VYST Stock Insiders

Without getting too technical, all people designated as insiders have to report when they buy or sell shares. The current insiders of VYST have only recorded BUYS on their “SEC FORM 4″s. I have a thorough review HERE. These insiders have been purchasing shares and acquiring shares via other methods and NOT selling. If THEY thought VYST would be a complete bust, *WHY* would they be using their OWN money to purchase a significant amount of shares? Email me at if you can explain to me why they would buy and hold shares if they KNOW they will be worthless! The lack of insider selling gives me the confidence to hold my shares through some tough times as I continue to believe that the VYST PPS will recover and we could see something special!


2) VYST – Existing Infrastructure

I have invested in many OTC companies and made money. Those companies usually only had a PO BOX, a website, and a charismatic CEO. VYST / Vystar Corporation has ACTUAL infrastructure, products, employees, and, thanks to Rotmans, an 80-year record of business acumen. Now that the merger is complete, the VYST family has manufacturing, shipping, warehouses, R&D, and a multitude of other infrastructure assets in place to support the growing business.

After trading penny stocks that only had a dream and a PR, it’s exciting to be invested in a penny stock with assets, potential, and a robust infrastructure. I am looking forward to the upcoming developments!

Steve Rotman – CEO of Vystar

The Vystar Corporation merger between all four companies would not have been possible without the guidance of Vystar Corporation CEO, Steve Rotman. Mr. Rotman has a distinguished career as a successful entrepreneur and as Lieutenant Commander in the US Coast Guard Reserve.

Steven Rotman, was originally part of the Vystar Team through a distribution company that licensed Vytex called Natures Home Solutions. His role expanded in December 2017 as he became companies President, CEO and a member of the Board of Directors

Although the PPS of VYST stock is hovering at .01 right now, I have full faith in the leadership and vision of Mr. Steve Rotman. I can’t envision a scenario where Mr. Rotman expends his personal money and puts his reputation on the line for a penny stock scheme. He has held firmly to his shares, put up his own money for certain business-related ventures, and spent over a year to complete a complex merger. I imagine he wants this venture to be a great success to cement his legacy as a cunning businessman.

Knowing what I know about Mr. Rotman and his history, I am confident in the direction of VYST. I have held my VYST stock and continued to buy more even though we have been trending DOWN. Now that the merger is complete, the financials are filed, and deals are being negotiated, I have complete faith that Steve Rotman is working to make Vystar Corporation successful. And, as a result, the PPS of VYST stock will begin to trend UP.

Can we get back to .15? Can we get to $4.00 per share and see VYST listed on the NASDAQ? I don’t know those answers, but I feel VYST is a stock worth well more than .01 and the daily activity is pretty interesting!

Videos from Rotmans Tour

So, that was 10 reasons and 2 videos to show why VYST is a penny stock I believe in this coming year. We are currently at .01, but I think the DD, the infrastructure, and the completed merger will move this ticker higher as deals are announced. This is just MY opinion!

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My current penny stock holdings. VYST and SBES are my most promising. The others? Well, I am swinging for the fences! Good luck to you all!

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