Time To Make Some Cash

Penny Stock Prayers

Well, my VYST and my SBES prayers have NOT been answered yet! I have held all of my base 500K+ shares of VYST through thick and thin, but I did buy an extra 100K shares once Greg Rotman tweeted a few things. I sold those 100K shares for a small profit. I am still WAAAYYY down on VYST. But, overall, it was up this past week. Long way to go before I am green on this one, but I am just going to hold and stay current on news.

SBES….I hope it works out. I only have 60K shares or so, but I would like to see it be profitable for those who invested heavily in this merger candidate. Some of the prime pumpers disappeared for this one, so I am thinking I may have been the victim of a pump. But, the Xu merger magic could come through!

Dividend Stock Investing

I bought shares of SYY, SKT, and XOM this past week. My initial goal was to build some dividend-paying stocks in my portfolio. ( I have an actual retirement account that does well. This is my account to try new things. )

I wound up with 103 shares or so of XOM and I got busy on Friday, so I played around with a trailing % stop. Very interesting. I did get stopped out, but the profit I made took care of my car payment this month. ( I usually don’t have a car payment….this sucks! )

My SYY stock, I fully believe, will be rocking and rolling once this virus lockdown craziness is complete and orders are back to normal. Only have about 10 shares of SYY, so I will be holding and adding.

SKT is a cheap $4 stock I found. Once my real orders are filled, I use any leftover funds to buy a few shares of this. If these outlets do well once people can shop again, I will be good to go!

Potential Plays

If you happen to read this when I post, GRNF is really being pumped right now. There are many people predicting big thingshere. I have done NO “DD” on this, but I have been known to throw some cash at a Hail Mary sometimes! I am torn on buying some in the morning. FOMO is a bich!

Future Strategy

I had knee surgery on 4MAR2020. Today will be my first day back to work. I spent the month researching various “side hustles”. All of my kids are grown and gone and I am just looking for something to work on as a hobby that may generate income. I would like to do a little more day trading with penny stocks ( and regular stocks) to build a portfolio of dividend-paying stocks. It would be interesting to see what I can accomplish in my last few years of working! Maybe one of my kids will benefit from this one day!

I have discovered “gumroad.com” and it offers many interesting ebooks on various ways to sell stuff on Ebay and Amazon. I am not 100% sure I want to go that route, but I enjoy reading the process involved. Who knows, maybe I will find a product to sell!


I hope you all have a healthy and wealthy week! Once I sold my XOM, my current stock interest is minimal. Will be looking for a new play tonight and in the morning to keep me interested this week! I hope you write your book, sell your stuff, or locate the best stock out there! ( Note: It AIN’T VYST or SBES at the moment! )

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