SBES Due Diligence (DD) Recap

Do you own a few hundred thousand shares of $SBES? More? Less? Wanting to jump in soon? This is a very interesting stock to me right now from a “WHAT IS HAPPENING” point of view. South Beach Spirits, Inc ($SBES) is a shell of a company with a hell of a potential deal coming its way. Let’s see if we can figure it out!

SBES–> RockySaaS?

I have been reading non-stop how RockySaaS will blow up and that will make the PPS of $SBES skyrocket. But, I couldn’t figure out HOW those two were linked. There is no mention of them together anywhere that I can find. So, I sit down and try to understand all of the DD shared on Twitter thanks to folks like: (forgive me if I forgot someone…)

So, I am going to post the worst picture in the history of MS PAINT. But, it is a visual representation of the core DD. It will show HOW/WHY there is a connection between SBES and ROCKYSaaS.

SBES DD Connection to RockySaaS
Peers working together to make multiple companies a success! $SBES $ZMRK

Explanation of Above “Drawing”

As I sat down to understand how SBES connects to RockySaaS, I finally had to start drawing myself a diagram to keep everything in place and remember “Xu” worked where! The easiest way I can sum this up via words is this, Robert Xu is/was the CEO of multiple companies with David Xu as his CFO, so they have quite a history of working together. Now, David is the CFO of a potentially enormous venture in RockySaaS and, bros being bros, he and Robert have come together to use the $SBES shell as the vehicle to get RockySaaS publicly traded. There is nothing concrete to prove this, but it sure seems logical and the most likely scenario!

SBES Clues

There has been lots of Twitter chatter about clues being left in the form of binary numbers, photos of certain places that may have a very specific meaning, or the capitalization of certain numbers. I think the fun of this is choosing to believe it’s all true. It all SEEMS credible! I don’t know how much stock I put into some of the theories, but *THIS* has to be more than mere coincidence. This is basically the “XU”s with a bullhorn saying, ” OH YEAH, BABY!! IT’S HAPPENING!!!

Why Buy $SBES ?

The following is a list of reasons you should buy $SBES if you are so inclined! All of these reasons apply to ME, maybe some apply to YOU or you think I am maniac!

  • XU x 2 – These guys (ROBERT XU and DAVID XU ) have a long history of working together on companies that seem to be doing well. Kind of hard to understand all the Mandarin and translated English. But, it SEEMS, they are motivated and successful and I will put a few hundred bucks on that any day!
  • I don’t require this money to live, it’s more of a “swing for the fences” play for me. But, ain’t this FUN and EXCITING? It’s like we’re all Scooby-Doo and the Gang. Are these two guys going to merge? Analyzing the capitalization in a title! Deciphering the meanings of photos on an updated website. I would love for this stock to “go parabolic”, but the anticipation of whether or not filings are coming, when, and what they will report is worth the price of admission!
  • I won’t elaborate on this too much, you can do your own DD. 😉 But, the SaaS market, especially in China, is primed to explode. If RockySaaS/Panshi grab a share of that market under the $SBES umbrella, WATCH OUT NOW!!

SBES charts, tidbits, and a DD hint!

Positive Outlook On the Chart

(Skip the $GGSM stuff and scroll down a bit! )

Another SBES Tweet

There is a ton of info out there!! I can’t put it all here, I just wanted to try and visually show the link between the 2 XUs. Ownership

There is a lot of stuff than can be faked to get bad info out there to sabotage a ticker as it tries to move up. Fake websites, bull**** tweets, iHUB….. I wanted to see if was truly a site owned by anyone connected to $SBES or the other companies under Xu control. I was pleasantly surprised by this: <Click Here To Verify>

SBES Domain Lookup
SBES Domain Lookup – Golden Panegyric is owner. A boost of trust in

Filter the **** out of Google Results

When performing “DD”, you can use the following syntax on the GOOGLE search bar to eliminate a LOT of vile and useless interference in your search for hidden gems of info.

—> golden panegyric sbes <—

Just trust me, use everything after “sbes” no matter what ticker you are researching and you will be much better off in your quest!


Thanks for reading! I smartly got INTO SBES at .0015. I then stupidly got out at .01. Now, back in at about an AVG of .0093. VYST is slow right now and I wanted to be a part of something with excitement, movement, volume, and Twitter activity to keep my interest. SBES fills ALL of those requirements and more!

I am sure I didn’t cover all the available DD and maybe misstated something. is my address. Feel free to message me and tell me if I botched something and I will update ASAP! I only want to share factual information.

The goal was to show the link, in a simple manner, how Robert and David work together on many projects and that increases the probability that RockySaaS and SBES will merge and do great things! And hopefully ASAP!

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