Products for (LEGIT) Profit!

Actual photo of me after a day of flipping products on eBay!

Products For Profit

What *IS* “Products for Profit“? It is, at its most basic, a community created by “Coach Joe Hart“. It’s a community where 500+ people gather via chat to share information on products you can buy locally and sell, for great profit, on eBay. ( Or other buying/selling platforms. )

Coach Joe himself will tell you, “YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY THIS PRODUCT TO BE SUCCESSFUL!” Technically, this is true. You *COULD* start flipping products on eBay without any courses or community. BUT, you would be starting from ground zero with an immense amount of research needed to determine which products you could buy and flip *NOW*.

“Products For Profit” provides me with a valuable asset. MY TIME! Instead of spending hours scanning and evaluating products, I am able to pop into the chat room, open ONE document, and see the list of HOT ITEMS! There are items on the list that I have sold, resulting in massive profits, that I would NEVER imagined as a profitable item to flip on eBay. But, thanks to “Product For Profit” I had immediate and ACTIONABLE information.

Within two hours of gaining access to the chat room I:

  • shopped at my local Walmart
  • spent about 30 dollars for a dozen of a recommended product
  • listed on eBay
  • sold my first item for approx. 375% ROI

Once that item sold so quickly and for such a profit, I jumped in the car and visited all of my local Walmarts and Targets. Some of the items are difficult to find, but there are tools, mentioned in the “Products for Profit” course, that report on available inventory. I don’t mind the driving , so I hit the road and loaded up on that particular item. After fees and shipping costs, I was *ALMOST* able to pay my mortgage SOLELY with eBay profits.

This is a HUGE win for ME. That frees up almost 2K per month to invest, travel, or whatever! I made that much with ONE item. It was a great item in that it was:

  • cheap to acquire
  • fast seller
  • easy to ship
  • highly profitable

I would relist on eBay as I was putting the item in my cart ( or buggy if you’re from down South) and it was sometimes SELL BEFORE I LEFT THE STORE!

All of this from an item I would have NEVER even considered if not for “Products for Profit“. I expanded my “sourcing” to include more than that particular item. Just this weekend, I checked the list, made some notes, and embarked on a multi-state Walmart journey. It was a fun day of driving and getting weird looks from people due to my cart contents. The potential profit from the items I found will definitely pay for my mortgage this month and will also help me keep the lights on!

Me: Oh, you mean Coach Joe?

A Few “Products for Profit” Success Stories!


If you need to generate income quickly or you are looking to create a secondary stream of income, flipping products on eBay is a great way to get started. This can be done with very low initial investment needed.

You *CAN* do it without any courses or a community like you receive with “Products for Profit”. But, the ACTIONABLE and PROFITABLE information you will immediately access within the chat room will pay dividends ASAP!

“Products for Profit” has saved me TIME and helped me generate an amount of money, from eBay, I didn’t think possible!

Click below to join the team and IMMEDIATELY gain access to the chat room information that can assist you in making THOUSANDS of dollars of SWEET eBay profit!

Click the image above to join the team! Gain access to invaluable product flipping information! BOOST YOUR INCOME IMMEDIATELY!

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